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The following guidelines are general recommendations for user conduct in this wiki. Administrative action will be taken to address repeated violation of these conduct rules.

Our Rules of Conduct

  • Be courteous when interacting with other users or the staff on the wiki.
  • Use edit summaries to ensure closer co-operation with other contributors, so that everyone is on the same page with what the different edits actually added/deleted/changed.
  • Do not edit pages that do not belong to you per se - including other users' pages.
  • Use the talk pages appropriately - do not use it for idle chatter or promoting of any sort not related to our wiki or Bungou to Alchemist.
  • Request first to get a permission to contribute translations. - To request for a translation check on your translations, please contact one of the wiki translators or a staff member.
  • Do not vandalize or plagiarize pages. Do not copy content from other sites, and credit and quote the sources if you do need to. This is especially important with writer trivias and quoted translations!
  • Be accountable for everything you do on this wiki. Do not upload inappropriate material such as images from other series or fan art.
  • Do not make any site-wide changes unless you have gained express consent from a staff member of this wiki. You may ask permission on our wiki's Discord chat, or by posting a message on staff member's message wall. Staff profiles may be found here.


As our visitors, we hope you enjoy all the information and media placed here for your benefit. However, please do not copy and plagiarize our translations, or take media or visual information from this wiki without crediting sources.
e.g. a Writer's sprite may be used for edits with a link back to the wiki, and mention of DMM GAMES / EXNOA LLC as the copyright holder.

Please do follow the official guidelines that DMM GAMES / EXNOA LLC has stated for the game and any media related to it. The guidelines in short:

  • Be appropriate with Bungou to Alchemist content that you you do not hold copyrights for (as in do not claim edits of sprites and so on as your own, you do not own the sprites like we do not own them either).
  • Do not do or create anything that can be shameful, or hurt the image of the franchise or any of the characters.
  • Be mindful of the fact that the characters in the Bungou to Alchemist franchise are reincarnations of real people who have close relatives or ancestors aware of the game and its side-media. Any inappropriate content (NSFW or otherwise not suitable content) may have legal action be taken on by DMM GAMES / EXNOA LLC if needed.

Full guidelines may be found in Japanese in the game.

We are definitely happy to help you further your Bungo to Alchemist experience on different platforms, but we do hope you will credit us and the official sources in return.

Thank You.

The Staff of bungo.fandom.com / Bungo to Alchemist English Wiki