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Pax AKA: Packs, Pacchanko, Local Touson Simp, Wannabe Literate in Japanese, Shrimp, Second Generation Icon Master, Kitahara Hakushuu, Gay Vatsby 


Will make my page more nice when I get braincells.

Pax got yeeted by the gajin shelves, so her big sis Peach is helping her out

Favorite Boys

Best Boy

Shimazaki Touson icon.png

Second Best Boy

Hagiwara Sakutarou icon.png

Honorable Mentions

Kitahara Hakushuu icon.pngMuroo Saisei icon.pngNatsume Souseki icon.pngTokuda Shuusei icon.pngKoizumi YakumoMushanokouji Saneatsu icon.pngArishima Takeo icon.png

Game info

Started on: 4/20/20

First beige: Yoshikawa Eiji icon.png

First silver: Shimazaki Touson icon.png

First gold: Nakahara Chuuya icon.png

First rainbow: Izumi Kyouka icon.png

First lvl 60: Shimazaki Touson icon.png It was Touson, bitch

Stuff I've contributed to

Shimazaki Touson icon.pngFutabatei Shimei icon.pngKoizumi Yakumo icon.pngNatsume Souseki icon.png

Crime and Punishment Story

The Great Gatsby Story

A lot of birthday recollections

A lot of icons


Tolstoy and Roka reco
Getting Started v2