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As of April 12th, 2017, the browser version of the game is no longer under region lock restrictions. This means that in many countries, the browser version of the game can be played without need to use VPN or other methods.

However, small amount of countries and their ISPs were blocked due to this change, so in order to play the browser version of the game in those countries, you need to find alternative ways to bybass the IP block if you live in a country that is blocked. The game's official site (with news, links and author introductions etc.) however can't be accessed outside of Japan (unless if you live in USA) even after said update and requires VPN.

United States of America, Canada, most of Central and Southern Europe, Asia (especially many of South-East'scountries minus selected ones), Australia and some others do not require VPN.

Confirmed blocked countries (browser version of the game):

  • Asia: Mainland China, Myanmar, Singapore, Kuwait
  • Europe: Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Serbia
  • North/South America: Puerto Rico, Chile

If your country is blocked and isn't listed, or block has been lifted and you can play the game's browser version without VPN in country that is listed, please do inform the wiki's staff (either on someone's message wall, or contact someone on the wiki's Discord server).

The mobile app version of the game doesn't need VPN in any country, but the ways to get the app itself varies by your mobile device's OS. More can be read on the app version's own page.

System Requirements (PC)

Windows: Google Chrome (or any chrome-like browser (ie: chromium)), Microsoft Edge

OSX: Google Chrome, Safari

Linux: Google Chrome

Make sure your adblockers are turned off, and your browser is updated to the latest version.

This game is optimized for Chrome, but any of the supported browsers should run it just fine. Opera and Mozilla Firefox aren't supported, trying to access the game on said browsers will prompt you to download another browser. The game also supports crossplay on different platforms, so it's recommended to play the game on PC while at home, and on mobile when you don't have access to PC.

Proxy Options (PC browser version of the game)

(From Kancolle wiki and Tourabu wiki, with some BunAl wiki's own experiments and explanations)

Option 1: Editing the region cookie


  • 1. Log into DMM.com (be sure to use the Japanese site)
  • 2. Open the inspect element bar (Usually F12)
  • 3. Copy-paste the cookie code below into the Console
expires=new Date(+new Date()+31536e6).toUTCString()
  • 4. Execute by pressing Enter key or Ctrl + Enter for IE
  • 5. Access the game through the direct link

Alternatively, if you are using Chrome, you can use any of these tools:

How does this work?

The methods above depend on your ISP and you might have VPN as only option, if you live in any of the blocked countries listed in the beginning of this page.

Option 2: VPN

VPNs can potentially cost you real money. If you are not in a country (ie: China) where a good VPN is necessary to access certain international sites, an open-source client is good enough. In this guide we introduce a good and free VPN that our wiki's staff and its contributors have used for years.



  1. Head over to VPN Gate, an "Academic Experiment Project" by the University of Tsukuba. This VPN project is hosted by kind people all over the world for free and their partner SoftEther offers good client for use.
  2. Go to "Download" > "Download VPN Gate Client" > Click the "Download SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Client Plugin" link.
  3. Download, install and run the client.
  4. Double-click "VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers" on the client and a list of connections pop up. Choose a server where to connect to (preferably Japan as the game is Japanese) and wait until the connection check is done and try to access the game through a direct link. If you need visual aid how to connect and use the client, visit VPN Gate's tutorial page (you need to do only steps 1 and 2).
  5. Once the game is loading (the game's title screen shows up and music plays), you can take off the VPN connection as the game can be played without constant VPN connection once you've got through DMM's IP check. However, you need VPN connection every time to launch the game again, and to buy in-game items from the Shop.

If the connection check is failure instead or you can't bypass the block despite the VPN connection, try another server on the VPN client. It might take a few times to find stable and good connection that will give you access to the blocked site!

Mac / UNIX-based

  • There might be L2TP VPN interface that has been pre-installed in your kernel (especially if you are not running your own custom kernel). You can directly set it up without needed to download any clients nor using similar software to let you execute Windows-only clients. VPN Gate offers connections that your system's VPN interface should be able to use. Check this page on VPN Gate for more help.

In case your network is blocking the usage of L2TP, you will still need to download VPN clients to let you use VPN with different protocols.


  • See this user blog entry for more information.
  • If you have difficulties getting SoftEther VPN (VPN Gate listed under Windows) for linux to work properly you can revert to connecting to SoftEther VPN servers via L2TP method. Just make sure that the server you are connecting to also supports L2TP method.

System Requirements (Mobile)

5.0 or newer
Do note that some devices aren't supported, even if they run supported Android version!

10.0 or newer

More info of the mobile app version of the game can be found from the app's own page along with help of how to transfer your account between devices, or how to bind our mobile account to a DMM account (for PC play use).

Troubles and how to solve them

  • I get an error code with a bowing cat!

Depending on the error code, either your connection isn't sufficient, you have adblock on (PC, however this code can pop up on mobile too) or the game itself has troubles (check official twitter accounts).
> Solution: Relaunch the game. Most error codes can be solved this way, however in some cases you might need to check your browser settings (PC), or make sure your mobile device supports the game (app version). In PC version's case, go to your browser's settings and make sure third-party cookies are enabled, as the game requires them to work. Some browsers have them disabled as default.

  • I get a message "このゲームはお住まいの地域からはご利用いただけません" on DMM GAMES when trying to access the game on PC!

This means the game isn't available in your country.
> Solution: Try out the cookie method listed earlier on this page, or go right away to the VPN section on this page for help with such.

  • The game won't load / the screen is black and nothing happens!

The game is known to be quite slow outside of Japan, and even with best connections in Japan it can be slow at times. Especially after maintenances the game might be a bit sluggish, if you are trying to access it right after one when many other players are also trying to play the game.
> Solution: Give the game some time to load, especially if you are playing for the first time (even more in the mobile app's case as its known to be slow). If the game hasn't loaded the text screen with black background in 10 minutes, close the game and try again. In case that doesn't work, try the following things:

  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable. Slow or unstable connections easily affect the game's loading, so it's easy to get stuck in loading screens. On mobile, you can try out mobile data instead of wifi to launch the app, and then see if it would work on wifi (be aware that the app version uses a lot of data, so it's not recommended to use it too much if you don't have a big/unlimited data plan).
  • (Mobile users only) Make sure that your mobile device has supported OS version, and that the app has been updated to its latest version. Even in the case of having the supported OS and latest version of the game, there are certain mobile devices that are unable to be used to play the game.
  • (PC users only) Disable your adblock if you have one.
  • (PC users only) Try out VPN to see if the game has mistaken you for living in a country that is blocked, even if you live in a country that actually isn't and you don't get the region availability error on DMM. There have been cases where launching the game with VPN has helped people to access the game all normal afterwards without VPN.

Loading screens in the game have black background, and on the right bottom corner there are spinning gears with Japanese text 読み込み中 (Loading). If the gears stop spinning or are not seen at all, the loading was possibly interrupted and/or the game froze.

  • The game stops moving when the browser window (Chrome) isn't focused!

The game always stops moving when you change tab in case you are playing the game in a tab, which is why it's recommended to play it on its own window. However, if the game is played on a Chrome window and gets stopped anyways when unfocused, your browser needs some checking.
> Solution:

  1. Enter chrome://flags in the url bar
  2. Find #web-contents-occlusion (newer versions of Chrome should have this named #calculate-native-win-occulsion)
  3. Set this to disabled


Having issues with your connection? Check this and this page for solutions, or ask our wiki's staff if any of the tutorials on this page won't help you solve problems.

Do not attempt to play the PC browser version of the game on a mobile platform unless it's a Windows tablet PC or you are using the official app. This causes potential server overload and may get your account banned.