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This feature, which players may access by clicking the Strolls button in Main Library, allows players to take "strolls" to various destinations and spend time with the writers who happen to be there.


There are six "stroll destinations", where writers may appear:

  • Courtyard (中庭, nakaniwa)
  • Entrance (エントランス, entoransu)
  • Lounge (談話室, danwashitsu)
  • Bar (バー, baa)
  • Dining Hall (食堂, shokudou)
  • Infirmary / Repairs Room (補修室, hoshuushitsu)

Dining Hall and Infirmary used to be gameplay mechanics, but with July 28th, 2021 big game update they were removed. With November 1st, 2021, update they were added to the Strolls as locations to "keep the immersion that the writers are living human beings with needs."

Furthermore, there are two time periods in which the player may take a stroll:

  • "Day / Noon" (昼) strolls are from 6AM-5:59PM JST
  • "Evening / Night" (夜) strolls are from 6PM-5:59AM JST

Whenever the time period changes from Day to Evening or Evening to Day, the writers who appear at each destination will also change randomly. It is also possible that a stroll destination will not have any writers there.

As of 2019/10/31, writer who has been set as assistant will always appear in the strolls, unless if changed in the middle of strolls period. In such case, the writer will start appearing from the next period onwards in the strolls.

On top of the screen there are three buttons "About Strolls", "List by Trust Points" and "Strolls Settings".

By pressing the "About Strolls" (散策とは) button, a pop-up with short introduction about the feature will be shown to the player.

By the "List by Trust Points" (信頼度一覧), the list of writers at a location gets replaced with a list of writers in order by their Trust Points, from highest to lowest. If you want to see the location list again, press the "Location List" (移動先一覧) button or exit the Strolls and come back.

By the "Strolls Settings" (散策設定) button, the player may choose to view the writers in their default outfit or in alternate outfits from the ones the player owns. By default the game may show alternate outfits. If you wish to see the regular outfits only, switch the slider from "On" (入) to "Off" (切).

Strolls ss01.png

Choose a destination where a writer you want to gift is and move to the location from the big yellow button 移動, which takes you to the location. Click the writer, who will say his line associated with the location and you may pick a gift for him. This may cost coins depending on which gift you are trying to give to the writer. After confirming the gift, the writer will say his gift reply line.

In case you are in the Infirmary and there is a writer in weakened state (this happens randomly), "healing" him will cost one Governor. No actual healing is performed or needed. The writer may be left unhealed and he will be back to normal automatically when the strolls time period changes. However, writer in weakened state can't be gifted. So if you wish to give hima gift, heal him first.

The player may only give one gift to one writer once and heal one writer per period. Same writer can be both healed and gifted, if he happens to be weakened and you want to also further raise his trust by gifting. In other words, a player can give a gift to a writer twice per day and also heal two writers per day. These actions fill their "Trust" gauge. At achieving the following amounts of Trust Points, the writer will thank the player by giving them the following rewards.

Trust Gauge Rewards
25/400 Ink x 150
50/400 Elixir of Pursuit x 1
Elixir of Refinement x 1
Reply line changes
75/400 Ink x 300
Elixir of Pursuit x 1
Elixir of Refinement x 1
80/400 Dining Hall Recollection (requires same trust amount with another writer)
100/400 Casual Outfit x 1
Reply line changes
120/400 Ink x 400
Strolls Recollection (requires same trust amount with another writer)
150/400 Literature Soul (Big) x 1
Word Soul (Big) x 1
Thoughts Soul (Big) x 1
180/400 Memory Gear x 1
200/400 Memory Gear x 1
Writer's Stamp
300/400 Casual Outfit x 1
400/400 Casual Outfit x 1


The first possible present on the list is a beverage, which is free, but only raises their Trust by one. The player must spend coins to buy the other items. These coins were previously called "Decor coins" and only used to buy decor, but they may now be used both to buy decor as well as these items to entertain writers with.

Unlike most of the locations, Dining Hall has various foods as gifts, meanwhile Infirmary doesn't have any gifts available for writer who is weakened; he can be only healed by using one Governor.

Regular Gifts

Image Name Trust Gauge Coin icon.png
Beverages icon.png
Beverages (飲料) 1 0
Luxury goods icon.png
Luxury Goods (贅沢品) 5 100
Books icon.png
Books (書物) 10 300
Accessories icon.png
Accessories (装飾品) 15 500
Antiques icon.png
Antiques (骨董品) 20 700

Dining Hall Menu (Day)

The last gift costing 700 coins is randomly selected one of the available foods.

Image Food Trust Gauge Coin icon.png
Anpan (あんぱん) 1 0
Tempura Soba.png
Tempura Soba (天ぷらそば) 5 100
Cutlet Bowl.png
Cutlet Bowl (カツ丼) 10 300
Grilled Salmon Meal.png
Grilled Salmon Meal (焼き鮭定食) 15 500
Omelette (オムレツ) 20 700
Beef Bowl.png
Beef Bowl (牛めし)
Ham Salad.png
Ham Salad (ハムサラダ)
Crab Croquette.png
Crab Croquette (カニのコロッケ)
Steamed Flounder.png
Steamed Flounder (カレイの煮付け)
Cutlet Sandwich.png
Cutler Sandwich (カツサンド)
Shaved Ice.png
Shaved Ice (かき氷)
Ice Cream.png
Ice Cream (アイスクリーム)
Red Bean Jelly.png
Red Bean Jelly (水羊羹)
Mackerel Teriyaki.png
Mackerel Teriyaki (鯖の照焼)

Dining Hall Menu (Night)

The last gift costing 700 coins is randomly selected one of the available foods.

Image Food Trust Gauge Coin icon.png
Kitsune Udon.png
Kitsune Udon (きつねうどん) 1 0
Curry Rice.png
Curry Rice (ライスカレー) 5 100
Chicken Karaage.png
Chicken Karaage (若鶏の唐揚げ) 10 300
Amberjack Teriyaki.png
Amberjack Teriyaki (鰤の照焼) 15 500
Red Bean Soup.png
Red Bean Soup (汁粉) 20 700
Beefsteak (ビフテキ)
Broiled Eel Box.png
Broiled Eel Box (うな重)
Manjuu (饅頭)
Boiled Beef Tongue.png
Boiled Beef Tongue (牛タンの塩ゆで)
Monkfish Hotpot.png
Monkfish Hotpot (あんこう鍋)
Beef Hotpot.png
Beef Hotpot (牛鍋)
Castella (カステラ)
Lemon Jelly.png
Lemon Jelly (檸檬ゼリー)

Limited-time Presents

Image Name Date Trust Gauge Coin icon.png
Kashiwa Mochi icon.png
Kashiwa Mochi (かしわ餅) 2018/04/25~
1 0
Chocolate icon.png
Chocolate (チョコレート) 2019/02/13~
1 0
New Years Gift icon.png
New Year's Gift (お年玉) 2020/12/29~
10 100

If author is given a limited-time present, they will say a special line. A collection of these line can be found from Gift Replies under each author's limited-time present tab.

Special Strolls Lines

Each of the writers has one line to say at each destination which is not dependent on the time period. They also have three lines each which are replies for when the player gives them a gift. The line they say when they receive a gift changes depending on their level of trust with the player. If the writer's trust is 120, the gift reply will be random.

For a limited time during different Campaigns, the writers will have a special reply when they receive the item Kashiwa Mochi, Chocolate or New Year's Gift.

To view individual quotes from the writers said during strolls, choose any of the icons below.

CourtyardEntranceLoungeBarDining HallInfirmaryGift Replies

Redirects for mobile users: Courtyard · Entrance · Lounge · Bar · Dining Hall · Infirmary · Gift Replies


There are also two types of recollections available through Strolls:

  • "Dining Hall Recollections". The recollections unlock once both featured writers are at trust points 80.
  • "Strolls Recollections". The recollections unlock once both featured writers are at trust points 120.

All of these recollections can be viewed from "Recollections Register" in Register (in the Office).