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Trigger Condition

Transmigration Research - Writer

Default Lines

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke icon.png

I see you've also got quite the passion for research.
In other words, all I have to do is dangle a spider's thread and see if I pull that person out, right? *
A reference to Akutagawa's "A Spider's Thread".

Dazai Osamu icon.png

You're saying I'm indispensable to completing this research, eh?
Geez, it ain't easy being a genius novelist!

Hagiwara Sakutarou icon.png

Go bring back someone who's lost...? A job for me?
I don't mind but...... I have to make sure I don't get lost myself......

Nakahara Chuuya icon.png

Search for a lost person? Can't be helped eh, might as well go for a stroll.
It'd be nice to run into him.

Izumi Kyouka icon.png

I see, so I should find this person.
I'm sure he would want to protect literature as well, so I shall persuade him to fight together with us.

Natsume Souseki icon.png

How is the progress with the research? I would reccommend having some sweets when tired.
Well then, do take care in my absence.

Miyazawa Kenji icon.png

Got it, so I have to find this person, right?
It'll be fine, it'll be fine! Don't worry, I'm good at finding things, you know?

Tanizaki Junichirou icon.png

So you are telling me to summon a wandering soul whose whereabouts are unknown?
No, I shall do whatever I can to assist you.

Nagai Kafuu icon.png

Well then, what sort of interests does this person have?
With your guidance, surely he'll be found. It will be fine.

Shimazaki Touson icon.png

Is your research subject...... someone who could become the subject of a novel......?
Could you......tell me about this person in detail...?

Tayama Katai icon.png

If it's a pretty girl then I'm confident I'd find her, but ehh...
Well, I'll be off then?

Shiga Naoya icon.png

Geez, sure is hectic being a god.
Now go pray to the god of novels for a miracle!

Mori Ougai icon.png

A missing person, is it... No, I don't mind.
If it's your job, then I ought to help.

Kawabata Yasunari icon.png

...Yes, I understand.
It is our duty to raise and take care of new sprouts... Let's lead him well.

Kitahara Hakushuu icon.png

No need to worry, I know how hard you're trying.
Besides, I'm helping out as well. As long as you don't give up, it'll turn out well.

Muroo Saisei icon.png

I'd appreciate someone who gets me as a new comrade... but, what kind of person is he?
Ah, if he bullies Saku, I'll beat him up! I'm saying this in advance!

Kajii Motojirou icon.png

Huh... You're searching for somebody, huh? It's fine, don't worry, things will definitely go well.
Within the mystery, a shard of truth tinged with shadow will rise to the surface, just like in clairvoyance - it'll be like that.

Hirotsu Kazuo icon.png

I'll always lend my hand to those in need of help.

Mushanokouji Saneatsu icon.png

Al-right, so I should look for this person, right?
Ah, I should draw his portrait so that I can find him easily! Please tell me what he looks like!

Ozaki Kouyou icon.png

To meet a new person is to meet a new kind of literature.
To have new company will be another form of entertainment.

Sakaguchi Ango icon.png

You're saying you want me to go meet up with a newbie who's somewhere we can't even guess?
...Hmm, maybe I'll be able to use my newly learned Ango Enemy Search Technique.

Edogawa Ranpo icon.png

My oh my, have I been designated? You have quite a few troubles, don't you?
Of course, I shall assist you...... for the right price, though.

Tsubouchi Shouyou icon.png

Oh my, what's this? ...He is quite the lauded man of culture!
Yes, I will gladly perform the task you have delegated to me. Now then, please watch me carefully.

Futabatei Shimei icon.png

Ahh, I see, got it. There's some guy you want me to wake up, right?
How shall I go about bringing them, if they're awoken abruptly they'll be grumpy...

Arishima Takeo icon.png

If I'm needed for research then I'll lend a hand. Besides, this kind of thing is a kind of experience as well after all.
I can't guarantee that it will go well, but you have my assistance.

Satou Haruo icon.png

Oh, so I should bring back a new pupil. You can count on me.
At any rate, with so many new fellows coming in, could it be you're aiming for three thousand disciples yourself?

Kobayashi Takiji icon.png

Finding a new comrade?
Just to be sure, he's someone we can trust, right...?
I understand, wait for just a moment.

Ibuse Masuji icon.png

The two things you need for fishing are the motivation to fish and strength of endurance.
...Got it? Alright, that's fine then. Let's pull up a big one.

Yokomitsu Riichi icon.png

So I am to grasp a lone soul drifting in a sea of words? Understood.
Hm, it seems like I can anticipate a new sensational encounter.

Oda Sakunosuke icon.png

If the big wig's got a favor to ask, I can't exactly refuse!
Alrighty! This older bro'll pitch in, then!

Hori Tatsuo icon.png

With you working this hard, surely it will go well.
I'll do my best to find this person!

Nakajima Atsushi icon.png

I just have to find that person....?
I understand. I don't know whether this will work out or not, but I'll try my best.

Koizumi Yakumo icon.png

I see, so in other words, this work is like capturing a person's soul, desu.
Fufu......The time to release the power of darkness hidden in my left eye has come......!

Masaoka Shiki icon.png

Oh, me as designated hitter? Just kidding.
He might play baseball with me, so I'm going in with guns blazing!

Wakayama Bokusui icon.png

Oh, is the guy we're looking for someone who can hold his liquor?
Whether he is or not, I gotta teach him about all the new, fun stuff this world has to offer!

Takamura Koutarou icon.png

Haha, so you plan on summoning another eccentric.
Seems like the library's going to get even livelier. I'm looking forward to it.

Ishikawa Takuboku icon.png

Oh, is he a generous guy who'd lend me money?
Eh, why am I asking that, you say... Well, my motivation depends on it.

Kunikida Doppo icon.png

Oh, so you want Doppo-san to get a scoop?
I see you've got a good eye. Yeah yeah, I got it, you can count on me.

Kouda Rohan icon.png

Learning isn't something that can be done in a day, but it's good to gain self-improvement.
...You're always a huge help to me, so I must cooperate in any way I can.

Matsuoka Yuzuru icon.png

Understood. I will try to find that person within the limit of my efforts.
No need to thank me. I was rescued in the same way, after all.

Yoshikawa Eiji icon.png

I shall surely undertake this task... Your training has been coming along, too.
However, you mustn't overdo it. Sometimes it is important to bear in mind that divination is a hit-or-miss affair.

Yamamoto Yuuzou icon.png

No need to worry; I'm sure your hard work will be rewarded.
Then, I suppose I have to work hard too!

Kume Masao icon.png

Um...... What are you planning to do? Bring over a new person......
No, it's nothing. If that's my job, then I just have to do it with all my might.

Tokunaga Sunao icon.png

Research? I got no clue about complicated stuff. But, I guess yer a hard worker, too!
Since I caughtcha working so much, I've gotta work my butt off, too!

Nakano Shigeharu icon.png

A missing person, is it...
Being lonely must be painful for any sort of person, so it's kind of you to go searching for him.

Iwano Houmei icon.png

Hey hey! The strongest me is here, yet you still want more friends, huh?
That can't be helped. I'll go and bring along a new friend who's second to the strongest me!

Masamune Hakuchou icon.png

You're asking me to search for someone?... Seems I don't have the right to veto, in any case.
I don't expect my connections to get us anywhere, though... Don't expect too much.

Tokutomi Roka icon.png

Helping with research...? Sure, if I can be of help...
Ah, maybe Toto can find that person. Just kidding.

Naoki Sanjuugo icon.png

Look for this new guy?
Fine by me, but considering my personality I might bring back some other weird guys. You sure you don't got any issues with that?

Yumeno Kyuusaku icon.png

You're leaving something so exciting to me? Why, thank you.
I suppose I shall carefully observe the true form of that article called ""the soul"".

Nakazato Kaizan icon.png

There's a person trapped in a book... Well then, I'll go and release that soul.
And if that soul wishes to come here, I'll bring them to you. Is that fine?

Kikuchi Kan icon.png

Research for transmigrating a specific person, eh...... You're quite the hard worker yourself.
For you to show that side of you, I'd better meet expectations, myself.

Itou Sachio icon.png

Someone is lost? I'm a little bit nervous to go find them all alone, but... I'll do my best.
If I happen to find them, I wonder if they would become my friend.

Miki Rofuu icon.png

Inside this book is a person waiting for my help. I'll gladly get going.
If your prayers can reach to the god, there shouldn't be anything impossible.

Miyoshi Tatsuji icon.png

Searching for someone? Please tell me the details about this person!
There's gotta be people who miss him, so I gotta find him fast!

Niimi Nankichi icon.png

Helping out with your research?
Got it, so we're treasure hunting...! Gon, we'll find him for sure!

Ogawa Bimei icon.png

Even though it's for research every time, I don't particularly mind it.
I hate repetitive tasks, but you seem like you're working hard, so I could help you out if just a little.

Yoshii Isamu icon.png

Finding a lost person... Hey you. Don't ask a drunkard like me.
...Well, maybe the drunkenness will lead me and I might find the person. So, I'll go for a bit to have a drink.

Yamada Bimyou icon.png

Looking for a person is fine, but inside this strange book? That is something I would love to pass, though.
...That's a no? Sigh... If that's the case, I guess I shall go and prepare for the worst.

Suzuki Miekichi icon.png

Uchida Hyakken icon.png

Saitou Mokichi icon.png

If the job is to look for a lost person, then I believe my prior experience will be of use in this situation. It's fine, just leave it to me.
So that I don't become a mummy while trying to retrieve a mummy, shall I leave unrolled bandages in my wake as I walk?

Kusano Shinpei icon.png

If there's a person in trouble, that means my turn to hop onto the stage.
Leave it to me. With my nose, I'll find them in no time.

Satomi Ton icon.png

So there's a lost person, huh. Don't worry. I'll help them for sure.
Ah, I'll go by bike like Shiga-nii! That way it will be faster, right?

Shimada Seijirou icon.png

Dan Kazuo icon.png

Looking for someone? I'm a pro at exploring in the dark, so leave it to me.
I don't know where that traveling vagrant may be, but we'll find them as long as we don't give up.

Takahama Kyoshi icon.png

I said I'm good at taking the lead, but nobody told me I'd be people-hunting...
I'll definitely bring them back, is something I can't promise. However, I'll give my all to answer expectations.

Kawahigashi Hekigotou icon.png

I see, I see. A new person might be taking a detour in this book.
It's all good, I'll bring them here. I'm used to journeys, so leave the navigating to me!

Kitamura Toukoku icon.png

Tokuda Shuusei icon.png

You're working hard as well, aren't you......
Well then, who exactly should I be bringing back?
As for me, I really hope it's not a noisy person......

Leo Tolstoy icon.png

If there are people in need of help, I must go.

Fyodor Dostoevsky icon.png

So there's someone who desires salvation. Can't just leave 'em hanging.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe icon.png

Charles Baudelaire icon.png

Arthur Rimbaud icon.png

Ernest Hemingway icon.png

F. Scott Fitzgerald icon.png

I'm not a big fan of waking up someone from their dreams, but if it's helping someone out, then I guess I should.

Edgar Allan Poe icon.png

Is this a resurrection ritual? Well then.

H. P. Lovecraft icon.png

This isn't... the book of Eibon?

Conan Doyle icon.png

What kind of adventure there is awaiting me, I wonder?

Lewis Carroll icon.png

A book with a heart... It makes me a little bit nervous.