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Letters written by Satomi Ton

Letters written to Satomi Ton

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke icon.png Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

It sure is tough to write when your fingertips are freezing during the cold season.
I found good gloves, so I will give you a share of them.*Together with Akutagawa, Ton went to lecture with him in Hokkaido in 1927 May, two months before Akutagawa's suicide. As it was still cold in Hokkaido, Akutagawa sent Ton a pair of long tabi (Japanese style socks) beforehand. This letter might be a reference to said heartful present.
In exchange, something sweet would be nice.

Shiga Naoya icon.png Shiga Naoya

Seeing those sharp characters makes one's feeling to try apologize drop completely.
Continuing this kind of arguing back and forth endlessly is unpleasant.
This time I'll admit I'm the bad guy, so stop being angry through letters to this one.

Mushanokouji Saneatsu icon.png Mushanokouji Saneatsu

We hold meetings for rough sketching regularly.
Because Koutarou-san's way of teaching is so magnificent, everyone are improving steadily.
In fall we also have art appreciation meetings.
I'd be glad if we could work together again as fellow art-loving friends of the White Birch.

Arishima Takeo icon.png Arishima Takeo

I wasn't particularly worried, but I'm relieved how you seem to get along with Shiga-kun too.*Shiga and Ton cut ties in 1916 July after a long strained friendship. They reconciled in late 1923 after Takeo's suicide, so Takeo obviously didn't know that the two get along again until now.
If there ever is something troubling you, come to talk to me.
You and I are family, after all.
No need to hesitate.

Yoshii Isamu icon.png Yoshii Isamu

I was waiting quite a while for your coming.
On the weekend we'll have a celebration party, so have a good time there.
Just like back then, let's gather with like-minded friends and drink whole night to our hearts' contents!