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Records menu contains two features, Battle Records and Research Report.

Battle Records

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The Battle Records feature displays a summary of player information, achievements and other such data. You may access it by clicking on the second button in the Office menu.

Interface Guide

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Player Data: This section at the top displays the player name, level, and experience points, then the "starting date" (the date you joined the game) and how many days have passed since the starting date.
The player can change their Librarian name through the "Change (変更)" button.

Top 4 Writers Used For Delves: Displays the four writers that have delved into tainted books the most, including the number of times they delved.

Amount of Possessed Resources: Displays the amount of ink possessed by the player.

Other Records: Displays the number of letters, recollections and decor pieces obtained.

Research Report

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In Research Report, players can write their own reports, attach a stamp, and set a picture chosen among their owned memoria cards, and can also view other players' Research Reports. Checking other players' reports is also a daily research mission (Confirm Research Report/研究報告書を確認), giving out some resources.

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The writer stamps will be automatically acquired when a new writer is added to the game, available to all players whether they have the writer in their library or not. The writer portrait stamps (featuring the writer drawn in chibi-style) can be acquired by maxing the writer's trust (200 trust points) in Strolls. Event stamps, like the name suggests, can be acquired by clearing events.

Click "Expand" to view the list of stamps.