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This page is a compilation of the music featured in the game, as well as its associated media. The pieces below were composed by Sakamoto Hideki, the CEO of company noisycroak.

Game OST

The following tracks are direct rips from the game! Buy the official CDs or support the creators by listening to the OST in its full glory on legal streaming platforms.

文豪とアルケミスト (Opening)
Opening (5th Anniversary ver.)
憩 (Library)
和 (Office)
いざ征きめやも (Tainted Bookshelf)
蝕ミニ抗フ文士タレ (Battle)
破綻スル齒車 (Boss)
結果報告 ~勝利ノ場合~ (Cleared Book)
結果報告 ~失敗ノ場合~ (Failed Book)
廻覽 (Menu)
折衷食堂 (Dining Hall)
Bar (Strolls)
開進止メヌ文士タレ (Battle - TO & CHI series)
Sealed Books

Event Background Music

Chief Librarian's Theme
Writers Who Walk the Path of the Unknown
Writers Who Fight Back with Urgency
Writers and Sengoku War Generals - Event Panel
Writers and Sengoku War Generals - Battle
Writers and Sengoku War Generals - Recollections

Bungou to Alchemist ~Gears of Judgment~ Background Music Compilation

BunAl Shinpan no Haguruma Background Music Compilation.jpg

TVアニメ「文豪とアルケミスト ~審判ノ歯車~」劇伴音樂集
Release Date: 2020/06/26
Composer: Sakamoto Hideki (noisycroak)

※ Physical copy of the album comes with a limited-time serial code for in-game Decor item "Classical Piano".

CD 1 Tracklist
  1. 文豪とアルケミスト ~審判ノ歯車~ (Bungou to Alchemist ~Gears of Judgment~)
  2. 頬緩ム人々 (The Smiling People)
  3. 疑 (Suspicion)[1]
  4. 文士ノ願ヒ (Hopes of the Men of Letters)
  5. 邪悪ト抑圧 (Wickedness and Oppression)
  6. 見渡セド標ナク (Surveying the Scene, but No Evidence)
  7. 我ガ身ヲ癒スハ何ゾ (What is That Heals Oneself?)
  8. 桜首数エ唄 (The Song of Cherry Blossoms Counting Heads)[2]
  9. 迷 (Bewilderment)[3]
  10. 舞ウ鬼ノ業 (The Deed of the Dancing Demon)
  11. 滲 (Bleeding)[4]
  12. 迫リクル侵蝕 (The Approaching Corrosion)
  13. 一握ノ夢 (A Handful of Dreams)
  14. 文豪グルメ (Writer Gourmet)
  15. 君ヲ知ル (Learning about You)
  16. 引キ離セヌ不安 (Unseparable Anxiety)
  17. 裡ニ在ルモノ (Something Inside)
  18. 擦レ違ヒ (Passing Each Others)
  19. 脅 (Threat)[5]
  20. 膝ハ挫ケズ刃ハ折レズ (Not Losing Heart and Giving up)
  21. 愛別離苦 (The Pain of Separation)
  22. 得ラレヌ苦シミ (Unattainable Anguish)
  23. 不可思議ヲ読ム (Seeing into the Mystery)
  24. 忍ビ寄ルモノ (The Creeping Up Beings)
  25. 護ツタモノト帰還スルモノ (The Ones Returning Back with the Protected Ones)
  1. 疑 is read as うたがい (utagai).
  2. 桜首数エ唄 is read as さくらくびかぞえうた
  3. 迷 is read as まよい (mayoi).
  4. 滲 is read as にじみ (nijimi).
  5. 脅 is read as おどし (odoshi).

CD 2 Tracklist
  1. 書架ニ囲マレ (Surrounded by Bookshelves)
  2. 日溜書斎 (The Study Exposed to the Sun)
  3. 館長代理ヘ報告ヲ (Reporting to the Acting Director)
  4. 理解ハ孤独ヨリ生マレ (Comprehension is Born from Loneliness)
  5. 沈黙スルモノ (The Silent Ones)
  6. 相対スル浸蝕 (The Corrosion in Conflict)
  7. 歪 (Distortion)[1]
  8. 掴メナカツタ想ヒハ流レ (The Feelings I Couldn't Grasp are Overflowing)
  9. 清澄 (Serene)
  10. 信念翳ス文士タレ (The Men of Letters Holding Faith Above Them)
  11. 暗愚 (The Fool)
  12. 蜃気楼ノ向コウ (The Other Side of the Mirage)
  13. 惑 (Delusion)[2]
  14. 蝕マレタ心 (A Decayed Heart)
  15. 馴染マヌ儘デ (Unable to Become Familiar With)
  16. 怨望ハ愛ヨリ生マレ (Resentment is Born from Love)
  17. 絶望スル齒車 (Gear in Despair)
  18. 矜恃貫ク文士タレ (The Men of Letters Maintaining Pride)
  19. 会集一閃 (Flash of Assembly)
  20. 人ノ夢ニ微睡ム (Dozing Off in People's Dreams)
  21. 紡葉ノ徒ハ連ナリ継ガレ (Storming Leaves are Continously Successful)[3]
  22. 廻リ道タンゴ (Tango of Detour)
  23. グッド・バイ/浦島坂田船(TV size) (Goodbye - Urashimasakatasen [TV size]) --> 【Details】
  24. 藪の中のジンテーゼ/南條愛乃(TV size) (Synthesis in A Grove - Nanjou Yoshino [TV size]) --> 【Details】
  1. 歪 is read as ゆがみ (yugami).
  2. 惑 is read as まどい (madoi).
  3. The part 紡葉ノ徒 is read as ぼうようのと (bouyou no to). Overall not the easiest title to translate, but according to Sakamoto Hideki himself, the title doesn't only refer to the writers but has overall nuance of uninterrupted continuance.

Promotional Material


"文豪とアルケミスト" at TOKYO GAMETAKT 2017

Bungou to Alchemist at TOKYO GAMETAKT 2017 music selection


「文豪とアルケミスト オーケストラ演奏會」全曲試聴ムービー-1

Orchestral game soundtrack crossfade


「文豪とアルケミスト 劇伴音樂集」全曲試聴ムービー

Game soundtrack crossfade


Hideki Sakamoto - Kairan (Bungo to Alchemist) WDR

Kairan (Menu BGM) at WDR Funkhaus Orchester