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Consume memoria stones to refine memoria cards: The memoria cards show events from the past, present, and future.

The Memoria (召装, or shousou) feature is a gacha-style mechanism the player may use to gain Memoria cards (装像, or souzou), writers, rare outfits and rings. It may be accessed by clicking the Memoria button on the home page.

List of ongoing and past Memoria Features, also known as "memoria gacha" or "memoria banners".

How to gather memoria stones

The player may gather memoria stones by completing research missions regularly, claiming them as monthly salary and participating in events. At times some may be handed out through campaigns.

How to use the Memoria feature

The player may use Imperial Tickets (帝國券, or teikokuken) Imperial Ticket icon.png (paid currency) or Memoria StonesMemoria Stone icon.png (召装石, or shousouseki) to use the feature.

Memoria Feature "Carroll in Wonderland - Part 1" and its Imperial Ticket roll screen

When the player first opens the Memoria menu, it shows the Imperial Tickets gacha by default. The player may then choose the tab that says "召装石" to use Memoria Stones.

  • The player may use 300 Memoria Stones or Imperial Tickets to receive one random memoria item (either a writer, outfit, memoria card or ring). Click the "1回" button to choose this option.
    • Every day the first pull using Imperial Tickets will be discounted and costs 80 Imperial Tickets instead of usual 300 tickets. This discount is displayed with 1日1回 reading on the green roll button, and small notice 毎日初回割引 above the button. The discount resets daily at 0:00 JST.
      • Players who have bought Special Duty Aid Pass are allowed to do two discount pulls with Imperial Tickets every day for the duration of the pass. The green button for rolling displays "1日2回", and above it is red notification 割引回数増加中 ("increased discount roll amount in effect").
  • The player may use 3000 Memoria Stones or Imperial Tickets to receive 10 random memoria items (writers, outfits, memoria cards or rings), guaranteed to include one outfit (of any rarity). Click the "10回" button to choose this option.
    • Some banners have campaigns where first 10-pull with Imperial Tickets is half price for 1500 tickets (vs. the regular price of 3000 tickets). This campaign is stated with a notification 初回限定半額 above the roll button, and the discount roll is available only once during the banner's runtime.

See Imperial Ticket purchasing guide in case you want to spend real money to roll memoria.

Details of ongoing Memoria can be found on Memoria Features page.

Important notes!

  • Do note that Imperial Tickets Imperial Ticket icon.png bought on PC are valid only for 180 days!
  • Different memoria features offer different items. Some banners might not offer rings or memoria cards at all, so please do check what the banner's contents are before pulling.
  • Some memoria features' items are be available at Exchange Counter for a limited time during the banner's runtime (and a little after it).
  • There are birthday banners for 72 hours to celebrate the writers' birthday, however, these banners have quite low rates compared to others.
  • Some memoria features are paid only, which means that you can only roll them with Imperial Tickets.
  • The game doesn't offer or show roll history anywhere, so you are responsible to record or keep track of what you roll from memoria features.

Memoria gacha rates

The rates at what certain memoria items may drop from a banner depends a lot on the banner type, and whether there is some special campaign going on or not. The following list has listed the three common banner types there are usually rotated and available in the game, as well as the "permanent banner" and writer's birthday banner rates. Please do note that items marked with (※) means that the item's exact rates depend on banner!

All the rates are listed in the in-game announcements.

Event feature (tie-up banner with ongoing event)
  • Each 3★ rarity outfit:
    • Featured outfit (available in Exchange for 1500 SE): 1.20%
    • Special rate-up outfit: 0.40%
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.08%
  • Each 2★ rarity outfit:
    • Featured outfit (available in Exchange for 1000 SE): 2.40%
    • Special rate-up outfit: 0.80%
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.16%
  • Permanent pool writer's regular outfit (1★ rarity outfit): 0.32%

Rate-up banner featuring new Ring + Memoria Card for a writer
  • All rings in rate-up: 0.60% ~ 1.60% (※)
  • Each Memoria Card:
    • Featured and rate-up 3★ rarity card: 3.07%
    • Permanent pool 2★ rarity card: 2.10% ~ 2.71% (※)
    • Permanent pool 1★ rarity card: 0.33% ~ 1.70% (※)
  • Each 3★ rarity outfit:
    • Rate-up outfit: 0.30% ~ 0.52% (※)
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.08%
  • Each 2★ rarity outfit:
    • Rate-up outfit: 0.60% ~ 1.07% (※)
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.16%
  • Permanent pool writer's regular outfit (1★ rarity outfit): 0.32%

Step-up feature (paid banner)
  • STEP 1:
    • Each featured 3★ rarity outfit: 1.20%
    • Permanent pool 3★ rarity outfit: 0.08%
    • Permanent pool 2★ rarity outfit: 0.16%
    • Permanent pool writer's regular outfit (1★ rarity outfit): 0.32%
    • Permanent pool 2★ rarity card: 2.71%
    • Permanent pool 1★ rarity card: 3.20%
  • STEP 2 (one guaranteed 2★ or higher rarity outfit):
    • Each featured 3★ rarity outfit: 1.20%
    • Permanent pool 3★ rarity outfit: 0.62%
    • Permanent pool 2★ rarity outfit: 1.27%
    • Same rates for writers' regular outfits and all the memoria cards as in STEP 1
  • STEP 3 (one guaranteed of the two featured 3★ outfits):
    • Each featured 3★ rarity outfit: 50%
    • Same rates for writers' regular outfits, all 2~3★ rarity outfits and all the memoria cards as in STEP 1

Writer's birthday feature
  • Writer's ring: 0.74% ~ 1.60% (※)
  • Each Memoria Card:
    • Rate-up 3★ rarity card: 3.07%
    • Permanent pool 2★ rarity card: 2.50% ~ 2.71% (※)
    • Permanent pool 1★ rarity card: 0.97% ~ 2.21% (※)
  • Each 3★ rarity outfit:
    • Rate-up outfit: 0.37% ~ 0.69% (※)
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.08%
  • Each 2★ rarity outfit:
    • Rate-up outfit: 0.88% ~ 1.20% (※)
    • Permanent pool outfit: 0.16%
  • Each regular outfit (1★ rarity):
    • Featured writer: 1.47% ~ 3.20% (※)
    • Other permanent pool writers: 0.32%

Permanent banner "Memories of Days Bygone" (在リシ日ノ思イ出)
  • Outfit rate-up campaign:
    • Each outift:
      • 3★ rarity outfit: 0.11%
      • 2★ rarity outfit: 0.22%
    • Writer's regular outfit (1★ rarity): 1.02%
  • Regular banner (no campaign):
    • Each outift:
      • 3★ rarity outfit: 0.11%
      • 2★ rarity outfit: 0.22%
      • Writer's regular outfit (1★ rarity): 0.32%
    • Each Memoria Card:
      • Permanent pool 2★ rarity card: 2.71%
      • Permanent pool 1★ rarity card: 2.75%

Exchange Counter

The player may access the exchange menu through the Memoria Features page or through the "memoria tab" in Equipment feature by clicking the round Exchange Counter (交換所) button located in the bottom right. Here, you may use accumulated Spark Essence (思念素, also shortly known as "SE") to exchange for special featured items.

Exchange Counter

If you have sufficient amount of Spark Essence, simply click the yellow Exchange (交換) button on the right of the desired item, which prompts a screen asking whether if you really want to exchange or not. Click the yellow Confirm (決定) button to finish the exchange.

In case you have insufficient amount of Spark Essence or you've exchanged the maximum amount of the item already (if the item has limit), the button will be greyed out.

See "dismantling memoria cards" section for further info of how to acquire Spark Essence.

How to equip memoria cards

Head to Formation and choose a team you want to equip memoria card to.

Memoria cards may be equipped by tapping/clicking the two empty slots with text "Equip Memoria card" (装像変更). The upper slot is for Attack (攻撃) type cards, meanwhile the bottom slot is for Defense (防御) type cards. All cards have also element and weapon type, which by matching the team's writers will increase the stats boost of the card.

See Memoria Index for a list of memoria cards.

Party formation screen

Memoria cards

Equipment which can be used to increase the potential of writers: Check the memoria cards gained through the Memoria function, strengthen them, or dismantle them.

Navigate to the Memoria Cards (装像) menu by clicking the third tab in Equipment. The player may "Strengthen" (強化) or "Dismantle" (分解) their cards, and also can navigate to "Exchange Counter" (交換所) from here.

Click on a card's icon to view its details. The player may also "Lock/Unlock" cards by clicking the lock button in the upper-right-hand corner. Locking a card will prevent them from being accidentally used as strengthening material or dismantled. Locked cards will not appear in the dismantling menu.

Memoria Card Inventory.png

Cards will give the equipped writer team stats bonus stated on the card if the element and weapon type of the card matches the writers. If there is only partial match, the stats bonus is less for the writers who do not meet the card's requirements.

For example element matches, but the weapon type doesn't, only certain percentage of the card's stats bonus will be implemented on the writer who doesn't fully meet the requirements (note: BunAl game staff has stated that they do not want to tell exactly how much partial match can give stats bonus to writers who don't match both requirements, but the rough estimation is 60-80% of the stats stated on the card's description).

  • Class (種別) = This is either Attack (攻) or Defense (防). This determines to which slot the card goes to, and which stat it boosts.
  • Element (属性) = This can be either:
    • Element fire icon.png Fire (火)
    • Element water icon.png Water (水)
    • Element air icon.png Air or Wind (風)
    • Element earth icon.png Earth (土)
  • Weapon Type (武器類) = Either one of the following:
    • Blade (Blade icon.png)
    • Bow (Bow icon.png)
    • Gun (Gun icon.png)
    • Whip (Whip icon.png)
  • Special Effects (特殊効果) =
    • Attack+X.X% (攻撃力+X.X%) or Defense+X.X% (防御力+X.X%)
    • Additionally all cards boost one of the following by XX%:
      • Accuracy (命中率)
      • Critical Hit rate (急所への攻撃率)
      • Epiphany Gauge fill rate (降臨の上昇率)

There are three different rarities of memoria cards (1 to 3), represented by the number of stars. The cards also have levels 1 to 3, displayed as "Lv. X" on the card's icon or somewhere near the card's name. Max level 3-star rarity cards are the strongest, and most recommended for use.

Strengthening memoria cards

Memoria Card Strengthen 01.png

To perform "Strengthening" a memoria card (raising the card's level), another duplicate card is required. If you own a duplicate, select the card to be leveled up and click the golden confirm button. The duplicate will be used up and disappear after the process.

Insufficient materials

If the player has not fulfilled the material requirement for strengthening, then a different pop-up screen will appear which reads: "Insufficient material to proceed with the Strengthening."

Keep in mind that memoria cards cannot be strengthened beyond level 3, as level 3 is the max level for all cards despite their rarity!

After the player has strengthened a card to level 3, the card's artwork will change. Default artwork may be viewed by clicking the Switch Image (絵柄切替) button that appears upon zooming on the card (through the small magnifying class icon), however the card will remain in its current level's state. The artwork can't be changed back permanently. Please do consider this before strengthening a card.

Dismantling memoria cards

Memoria Card Dismantle 01.png

Select the card to be dismantled, then click the gray Dismantle (分解) button and then yellow button "yes" (はい) to dismantle it and receive Spark Essence (思念素, or shinenso). The next pop-up screen will ask for confirmation while displaying the number of Spark Essence to be received.

If you wish to dismantle multiple cards at the same time, click the gray button Dismantle Multiple (一括分解) when viewing the screen dislaying all your memoria cards.

Memoria Card Dismantle 02.png

You are taken to a page where you can see all your unlocked cards, thus they may be dismantled. If you desire to keep some cards, go back to the earlier screen to lock them so you don't actually get rid of them.

You can select one by one the cards you want to be dismantled (they icons will be darkened and have text 選択中 when selected), or from the upper right corner by pressing gray button Select All (一括選択), the active page's all cards will be selected. Click the yellow button Dismantle (分解) once you have cards selected for dismantling and confirm the action with another yellow button "yes" (はい).

The table below shows how many Spark Essences (SE) will be received if a card is dismantled.

Rarity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1 star icon.png 5 10 15
2 star icon.png 10 20 30
3 star icon.png 50 100 150


Like Memoria cards, both regular and alternate outfits may also be obtained through Memoria and they effect the writers' stats. All outfits also have rarity and elements, and by using the material Alchemy Thread their level may be increased. The player may also unlock the level cap by combining the duplicate outfits.

See Formation or Equipment page for a detailed guide on this feature.


The player may access a list of their owned Memoria cards, outfits and rings in Equipment.