Bungo to Alchemist Wiki

In the main library panel, you will be able to access various facilities for your writers as well as check on the progress of your research, resources or patronize the game's shop. You are also able to check on the current events, and control the game's sounds, voices and effects settings here.

Main Library screen

Game Settings

Display of the Current Events and Campaigns


Large book delve icon.png

[書潜] Book Delve

Enter Tainted Books to cleanse them, obtaining resources, experience and writers in return. Or attempt to obtain writers, memoria cards or alternate outfits from the Equipment Books.

List of all writers can be found here.

Equipment icon.png

[装備] Equipment

Use materials to improve the statistics of your writers, outfits, memoria and rings.

Formation icon.png

[結成] Formation

Set up teams here to complete your missions or conquer taints.

Memoria icon.png

[召装] Memoria

Roll the Memoria gacha to obtain memoria cards and alt outfits which affect writers' stats when equipped.

Strolls icon.png

[散策] Strolls

Visit writers on selected locations and raise their Trust by giving them special items.

Office icon.png

[司書室] Office

Player's personal room where you can check Records, change your assistant and so on.

[手紙] Letters

Receive letters at set intervals which come with resources in the form of ink.


[洋墨] Ink Ink icon.png

Used for unlocking the level cap of writers' outfits.

[調速機] Governors Governor icon.png

Devices that instantly complete the time required for Equipment Book Delve.


[研究] Research

A list of missions your team can undertake to obtain more resources for use.

[購買] Shop (Purchase)

You can use Imperial Tickets to obtain more resources and rare items to help you along in the game. A list of these items can be found here.