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The Light Mode setting is a feature that shortens loading times, reduces the amount of data communication and improves performance. The setting can be activated using the button "Light Mode Setting (軽量化設定)" on the top left game title screen. Activating this mode will refresh your game once.

※Please do note that Light Mode is synchronized between platforms and can't be set to be in use only on one platform.

Switch to Light Mode

Wk Light Mode 01.png Wk Light Mode 02.png

By turning the button "最軽量化" to "ON (入)", all of the following settings will be activated (it is possible to turn on or off individual settings too to improve playing experience):

Reduce Animation (演出の削減)

The following effects and animation will be deactivated.

  • Tainted Book Delve: Words' animations in the background screen
  • Tainted Book Delve: Delve start animations
  • Blossoming: Background effects on the Blossoming Path
  • Summoning: Background effects while summoning, animations when Memorias appear

Low Image Quality (低画質)

Enemy sprites, backgrounds, UI (Buttons and notification images) will have their image quality reduced.

Disable BGM (BGM無効化)

By enabling this setting, the game will not load or play BGM.

※Performance may differ based on your device and the features enabled.