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The Alchemist

アルケミスト (arukemisuto). Also known as "Special Duty Librarian" (特務司書, tokumu shisho) or shortly, "Librarian" (司書, shisho).
You, the player, have been invited to the Imperial Library, because of your special skills as an alchemist, to work as a Special Duty Librarian there. Your duties include transmigrating and assembling the writers into teams to purify tainted books, feeding them, and repairing them.

In the anime and stage plays, this role is referred to as "Alchemist", meanwhile in the game the writers refer to the person who transmigrated them (you, the player) as "Librarian".

Click here to view the letters to the Librarian/Alchemist from the other library personnel.


Japanese Name: ネコ (neko)

"……Pay attention to me sometimes."

Male talking cat whose job is to relay directions from the country.
Takes his job of going out in the sunlight, rolling into ball and sleeping quite seriously.
Not all that sociable, but does not mind being petted.[1]

Sort of game's mascot character, inspired by Natsume Souseki's famous work "I Am a Cat".[2] He is also able to delve into books for unknown reasons, but doesn't have power to purify them.

VA: Ookawa Genki

Chief Librarian

Japanese Name: 館長 (kanchou)

"When you’ve got a big voice like I do, you become the center of attention, hahaha! Oops, if I’m too noisy I’ll get scolded again."

In charge of managing the library.
Big-hearted personality, so when he gets off work he goes out with a bottle of sake to mingle with the writers who drink.[3]

VA: Tsunashima Goutarou


Aka.png Japanese Name: アカ (aka)

Support staff for the Librarian.
He likes sweets. His charm point is a mole under his eye.[4]
A self-assigned "far superior alchemist than Chief Librarian" dispatched by the government. As a proof of that, he can delve.[2]

VA: Ichikawa Taichi


Ao.png Japanese Name: アオ (ao)

Support staff for the Librarian.
He likes spicy food and has a fixation on glasses.[5]
Also an alchemist like Aka, sharing similar tendency to call himself more superior than Chief Librarian.[2]

VA: Inoue Yuuki


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