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The Letters system allows the contents of the Imperial Library mailbox to be accessed at set intervals. The player will randomly receive letters from the Library Personnel to the player or from other writers to the assistant. These letters come with resources in the form of ink.

Letters between writers may be accessed in the Writers' Register.

Setting Waiting Time

Letter panel 01.png

Click on the [Letters] 手紙 button on the top right corner of your main library screen.

A secondary smaller panel as shown on the left will pop up.

You can set the waiting time for letters here. There are 5 timers you can choose from. The range is from 30 minutes to 12 hours. The selected time will be highlighted in red. Waiting time will reset if you change the time settings.

Note : The second letter will not begin its transit until the first letter's transit is completed.

For example, if you set the waiting time to 30 minutes, the first letter will arrive in 30 minutes, and the second letter's timer will begin for 30 minutes. 

At any given time, only two letters will be present in your letterbox. If you have set the timer to 30 minutes, both letters will be ready for acceptance after one hour. No letter will be in transit until you have accepted the two in your letterbox.

Receiving Letters

Letter receipt 01.png

When your letter has arrived, click on the highlighted letter icon to receive it. The ink reward will be automatically added to your current resource pool.

You may also access the written letter again in the Writers' Register.

Note : A letter from a writer can only be received if the writer in question has already been transmigrated.

Rewards List

Ink Reward
30 Minutes
1 Hour
3 Hours
6 Hours
12 Hours

Letters List

Click here to access the list of all letters existing in the game. This list includes the English translations of the letters as well.

You can access letters written to a particular writer by visiting their individual profile pages on wiki.

You can also access letters written by a specific writer by

  • Entering the bolded portion with the writer's full name, into the wikia's URL line

for example : bungo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Letters_from_Hagiwara_Sakutarou


  • Clicking on the category link on a writer's letters' page, that says Letters from Hagiwara Sakutarou (or the name of the specific writer you want).