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As of 2020 summer, the page has had outdated information. With the 2021 July 28th big update, some features do not exist anymore or have completely different mechanics. The page is slowly getting updated!


This page is split into five main sections.

  1. The first (basically the second) section is an overview of the game containing all the information a player would need to understand the game's features and how they work together. It is accompanied by helpful links to relevant resources on the Wiki.
  2. The second section is decicated for returning players, who might need to do tutorial upon accessing the game after a long time. There is also other relevant info listed that old players might benefit of to get a hold of the game again.
  3. The third is a guide to help new players register to DMM (players who wish to play the game on PC), or download the mobile app version of the game. Basically initial preparations, and first things needed to do in the game before actual gameplay tutorial.
  4. The fourth section is dedicated for the game's tutorial, which all new players (and possibly returning players) are forced to play through to get introduced to the game, after which the player is left on their own.
  5. The fifth and final section lists links to several helpful resources, including links to an item catalogue and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Overview of the Game

Bungou to Alchemist (文豪とアルケミスト), lit. "writers and alchemist") is a "writer raising simulation/card collection gacha game" by EXNOA LLC (previously known as DMM GAMES), launched on November 1st, 2016 on PC. In 2017, a mobile app version of the game was released for iOS and Android on June 14th.

In the game, player takes the role of a Special Duty Librarian (特務司書, tokumu shisho) or simply known as "Librarian" to work as an alchemist capable of bringing back to life great authors (文豪, bungou). The mission is to fight against Taints (侵蝕者, shinshokusha), ink-like monsters born from negative emotions toward literature, which they are trying to erase from the world.

There are five main goals in this game:

  1. Collecting new writers; the characters of the game.
  2. Strengthening writers to use in battle against Taints; the enemies of the game.
  3. Collecting each writer's alternate outfits, their recollections and letters.
  4. Collecting decor to customize the Librarian's Office.
  5. Having fun while absorbing knowledge of Japanese history and modern literature through the game and its characters based on real-life authors! (NOTE: some characters are more caricatured than others, so please be critical and careful with the information that the game is presenting you)

First of all, good resource management is vital for all aspects of the game. The three most important resources are Memoria Stones Memoria Stone icon.png (召装石, shoushouseki); used to roll Memoria gachas to obtain writers, their outfits, rings or memoria cards. Alchemy Thread Thread icon.png (錬金糸, renkin ito) is used to strengthen writers' outfits, and Ink Ink icon.png (洋墨, inku) is used to unlock levelcaps of writer outfits. Consistently take advantage of the Letters (手紙) feature to gain ink, and accomplish Research missions (研究) to gain plenty of other important resources.

View a guide for how to use the Letters feature here, and a fully translated list of all Research missions and their rewards here.

Collecting new writers is called "transmigration" (転生, tensei, tenshou) in this game. There are three ways to obtain writers: upon clearing Tainted Books, summoning them from Equipment Books, or from Memoria. Some writers may also be event rewards, or available through limited-time campaigns, so take care to always stay updated using the Wiki's Recent Updates page.

The player may strengthen their writers in four ways:

  1. Tainted Book Delve: Form parties of writers and send them to battle to gain experience points and level them up. Please do note that writers have their own level, which isn't tied to their outfits!
  2. Blossoming: Spend different type of souls and gears to enhance your writers' stats.
  3. Memoria: Collect memoria stones to use in this game's gacha feature, which offers writers themselves, their alternate outfits, rings or memoria cards. When equipped with memoria cards, the cards affect your party's performance in battle. View Memoria Index to see a list of all memoria cards.
  4. Rings: Collect rings to equip in this game's gacha feature, Memoria. When equipped, a writer's weapon and status will change during battle, and upon leveling the rings writers can gain a ring bonus which amplifies their main weapon's abilities. View Ring Index to see a list of all rings.'

Alternate outfits for writers may be obtained in five ways:

  1. Blossoming: A Blossoming outfit (Japanese or Western style depending on writer) for each writer may be gained by unlocking the outfit node(s) in his Writer's Road.
  2. Strolls: A "casual outfit" for each writer may be gained by raising his trust level to 100 in the Strolls feature. Duplicates of the outfit are available at trust level 300 and 400.
  3. Memoria: Along with memoria cards, the gacha feature also dispenses limited-time alternate outfits. View a catalog of outfits here.
  4. In-game Events: Many in-game events distribute alternate outfits as rewards.
  5. Special Code: There has been one instance of an exclusive Niimi Nankichi outfit code being released to Premium NicoNico subscribers for a Bungo to Alchemist live show.

The player may view the outfits they have collected in the Change Assistant menu in the Librarian's Office, in Equipment or in Party Formation. Preview each writer's alternate outfits on the Wiki by browsing to a certain writer's profile page from the Writer index and clicking the "Gallery" button there. Other way is to access the "Outfit" page of the writer.

Recollections (回想, kaisou) are monologues or conversations involving the various characters of the game, basically "stories" of this game, and they may be obtained in five ways:

  1. By starting or beating a Tainted Book Delve under certain conditions. Note that "beating" a Tainted Book Delve is called "purifying a Tainted Book" in this game.
  2. By giving a writer cake on their birthday.
  3. As event rewards by fulfilling certain conditions.
  4. Visiting the library on a special day/anniversary and/or accessing Limited-time Recollections (限定回想) button.
  5. By buying limited-time birthday gift sets, which are available to all writers on their birthdays (the sets are paid and require real-life money).

After a recollection is obtained, it is recorded in the Recollections Register in the Librarian's Office. Please do note that there is small amount of recollections, which do not get recorded to the Recollections Register at all! View the Recollections page for a comprehensive guide on how to obtain all recollections in the game, as well as links to their translations.

Finally, Decor (内装, naisou) for decorating the Librarian's Office may be obtained in three ways:

  1. By accumulating coins and exchanging them for decor in the Decor menu in the Office.
  2. As limited-time event or campaign rewards.
  3. Serial codes handed out through real-life campaigns or Print Publications.

View the Decor page for a comprehensive catalog of decor from the game.

Other notable features:

  • Voice Lines: Along with an alternate outfit, unlock a writer's voice line node in his Writer's Road in Blossoming to unlock a special voice line that he will say in the main library screen.
  • Letters (手紙, tegami): Whenever the player opens their letters, there is a chance of receiving letters (written by other writers in the player's library) addressed to the currently set assistant. Translations of the letters can be found on the Wiki by browsing to a certain writer's profile page from the Writer index and clicking the "Letters" button.
  • Strolls (散策, sansaku): Get to know more about your writers and how they spend their time in the Imperial Library. You may give gifts to the writers, which increases their trust and unlock various rewards. See Strolls page for more information.

Returning Player Guide

If you are a returning player who hasn't played the game since 2021 July Big Game Update (2021/07/28), upon login you are shown a new prologue and prompted to go through a gameplay tutorial to introduce yourself to the new gameplay mechanics. Please do not be startled if your librarian (player) level is 1, or your assistant is Oda Sakunosuke despite you not having him as assistant the last time you played; the tutorial forces you to play as a new librarian until the end of the tutorial. After the tutorial is done, your resources and writers will be back, and you can continue where you left off at the last time you had played the game before the big update.

Please do see the section "First Transmigration" on this page to read from the point of the tutorial where returning players will start the tutorial from. The differences between new player and returning player tutorial is that returning players do not pick a starter writer; it's forced to be Oda Sakunosuke for the duration of the tutorial (despite your actual starter writer who you had picked before the update). See further details of the game's updates at Recent Updates.

The game has changed a lot through years, so we have compiled a small list of most notable updates and additions to the game. We hope this might help you with catching up with the new content and when they've been added.

UPDATE LIST (click to open)
  • 2016 updates:
    • November 1st, game launch on PC.
    • November 30th, implementation of Letters.
    • December 7th, implementation of Dining Hall's menu with Dining Hall Recollections + Writer Birthday Recollections.
    • December 26th, implementation of Coins in preparation for Decor.
  • 2017 updates:
    • January 11th, implementation of Decor to Office.
    • June 12th, large-scale UI update in preparation for Mobile App release.
    • June 14th, release of the BunAl Mobile App version on Android and iOS.
    • August 9th, implementation of Strolls gameplay feature. Locations are Courtyard, Entrance and Lounge. All lines are unvoiced.
    • September 27th, implementation of Memoria gacha gameplay feature (max amount of possessed cards is 300) + introduction of additional Library staff Aka and Ao.
    • October 6th, addition of SPECIAL-shelf giving out Large Souls to Tainted Books (open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).
    • November 29th, implementation of Decor Licenses.
  • 2018 updates:
    • January 24th, implementation of Main Story's chapter 1.
    • February 21st, implementation of EXP books to SPECIAL-shelf (open on Saturdays and Sundays) + implementation of location "Bar" to Strolls.
    • February 28th, writer max level raised from 50 to 60 + Blossoming nodes raised from 20 to 40. Addition of TO-shelf to Tainted Books.
    • April 1st, proper introduction of previous year's April Fools character Kappa (K.P. or "The Creature Living in the Library’s Courtyard").
    • May 30th, UI update to the menu on the left-side of the screen to allow quick and smooth jumping between pages in the game.
    • June 14th, implementation of Main Story's chapter 2.
    • June 27th, lines are now voiced in various locatiobs in Strolls. Gift lines remain unvoiced.
    • July 12th, addition of CHI-shelf to Tainted Books (had only three books, missing CHI-4).
    • July 18th, implementation of Substories (first batch Hagiwara Sakutarou and Nakahara Chuuya).
    • September 1st, implementation of gameplay feature Pay Day.
    • October 10th, implementation of Light Mode to help players lessen the game's load and data usage.
    • October 30th, UI update to Register to display writer birthdays in their profiles, and addition of sprite zooming function.
  • 2019 updates:
    • February 13th, implementation of Research Reports to Records in the Office.
    • March 13th, update to Strolls where writers can now appear in the locations wearing various alternate outfits.
    • April 24th, implementation of Rings that change writers' weapon type upon equipment. Tokuda Shuusei's ring is the first addition, and given to all players for free.
    • June 14h, introduction of foreign writers to the game + implementation of Sealed Library.
    • December 1st, introduction of Gift Sets to the Shop. The sets are to celebrate writers' birthdays, and they come with a special birthday recollection and various resources like Philosopher's Great Elixir (2x EXP for duration of 7 days).
  • 2020 updates:
    • February 5th, implementation of skip function to recollections.
    • February 19th, book and level requirements for Tainted Book Recollections removed. Dining Hall Recollections also do not need certain writer duos to be fed anymore to trigger the recollections.
    • July 7th, update to the SPECIAL-shelf to not reset the shelf progress every week.
    • November 1st, implementation of assistant greeting lines upon login. Gift replies in Strolls are voiced now.
    • November 25th, UI additions to Memoria to display banner showing all ongoing Memoria Features. Each banner page now has button showing banner's contents in rate-up.
    • December 9th, raised the amount of Memoria Cards players can possess (300 to 500).
  • 2021 updates:
    • March 17th, playback update to recollections to allow autoplay of recollection sets and adjust their reading speed.
    • May 19th, implementation of Login Screen Conversations + title screen's various buttons moved under one button.
    • July 28th, game goes through big gameplay update. Dining Hall, Repairs, Ensouled Book Delve are removed gameplay features. Along with them, food and Philosopher's Stones are removed. Elements fire, water, earth and air (wind) are introduced to the game. Writer's outfits act now as units that are deployed to battle (outfits aren't displayed during delve), and they have elements and rarities. Memoria Cards are equipped to affect whole team's stats now. Introduction of Equipment Books, where beside summoning writers, Memoria Cards and alternate outfits from permanent Memoria pool may also be acquired. Book delves now consist only of three nodes, no additional routes + writers can't die in battle anymore. Tainted Books list was completely renewed and upon clearing a book for the first time, its writer is rewarded to the player. Sealed Library unaccessible to update the content to fit the new gameplay update's conditions.
    • August 20th, update to limit writers to be able to execute Desperation Attack only in Weakened status (previously the writers could also perform the attack in Breakdown status too).
    • August 30th, UI update to display all writers in Register regardless if they've been transmigrated to the library or not + requirement to unlock writer's voicebank has been changed from 5 Blossoming nodes to owning one alternate outfit of the writer. Assistant outfit change menu now displays the writer's all outfits, the unowned outfits being grayed out and listed last. Sealed Library is updated and accessible again, requiring librarian level 3 to unlock it.
    • October 1st, introduction of Monthly Passes to the Shop.
    • November 1st, implementation of Ensouled Books of Storytelling and Awakening Rings + Awakening Stories. Dining Hall and Infirmary (Repairs) were added as locations to Strolls after player feedback regarding the July's big update to not remove them completely from the game to keep immersion of "the writers are human beings needing rest and food".
    • December 2nd, Awakening Rings are now displayed in the Register. Writers can be set as assistants in their awakened form, and they have new lines in the library and office, as well as in Strolls. Awakening Story Prologue and the Awakening Stories are now listed in "Awakening" tab in the Recollections Register.
    • December 23rd, tie-up outfits from the event Memoria Features now give 1.3x points boost in the events (beside the previous bonuses from featured writers and element).

Beginner's Guide

Players have two options of platforms to play Bungou to Alchemist, also shortly known as "BunAl". The optimal way to play is on a computer through the DMM Games website, and for those who are always on the go, there is also a mobile version for both Android and iOS users. The online registration process for the first option is described below, while those who would like to play the mobile version may visit the mobile app version page for instructions on how to download and use the mobile app.

Please do note that the PC and mobile app versions of the game are almost identical and support crossplatform play, so you can play your account on both platforms.

Registering for a DMM Account

A DMM account is needed to play Bungou to Alchemist on a computer. Please skip this section if you already have one set up or if you are playing mobile app version.

(From Kancolle wiki's registration page)

New players must create an account on DMM's account registration page. An English DMM account is fine ("Nutaku" is not). However, even if you use English account, the game will be still in Japanese. VPN/proxy may be needed in order to access DMM Japanese website, further details are available on Troubleshooting page (Region Cookie method does not work for account creation). According to DMM's terms of service only those who are aged 18 or above can use their service, and those aged below 20 require parental guidance.

First Steps in the Game

PC players:
After registering a DMM account, the player may navigate to the game's webpage to begin playing. You will see the game's official site, which lists information of the game in Japanese and on the top of the site is a banner featuring various writers of the game. There is also a big red hexagon-shaped button Start the Game Immediately (今すぐ開始), which should start the game (this is one-time only process and after this the game can be accessed from a direct link through a bookmark and so on).

You will be asked you to provide your playername (this can be changed later), gender and birthdate. Please do note that players below of age 18 will be denied to access the game. This is due to Japan's laws and DMM's guidelines to protect minors from mature content and games having gacha features.

After providing the needed information, the game should start and its black screen with text warning about music and sounds should show up. Click the screen and the loading of the game will start.

Mobile players:
After installing the mobile app, you may launch the game and you should see a black screen with text. Tap to continue and the game should start loading.

The conversations you see on the game's loading screen can be all seen on Login Screen Conversations page, where you may see their translations too.

Once the game has finished loading, you are prompted to agree on the game's "terms of service" (利用規約(必読)に同意する, "agree to the terms of service"). Tick the small white box and a list of the terms will pop up. Close the page, and press the yellow button "Start the Game" (ゲームを始める).

If you have previous progress, instead you may input your previous account data and continue by pressing the silver button "PC Linking & Device Change" (PC連動・機種変更). More info of how to retrieve your data, link your account between platforms, backup your mobile account data and so on can be found from the mobile app's page. Please do note that mobile players need to take extreme care of their account info! PC players or people who have linked their account to PC may continue playing the game without any worries as long as you remember the email you used for registering to DMM.

Mobile players:
Before starting the actual gameplay on your fresh BunAl account, you are asked to give your Special Duty Librarian name (特務司書名), basically your "player name". The name can be 12 characters long and may be changed afterwards in Office through Records. The default name is 司書, "librarian".

The player in the game is referred to as Special Duty Librarian (特務司書, tokumu shisho) or simply as "Librarian". At times title Alchemist (アルケミスト) is also used depending on context, but the player isn't the only alchemist in the library. Further details of the player, the Imperial Library's staff and the library itself may be found on Library Personnel page.

Gameplay Tutorial

The Prologue starts with Tokuda Shuusei and Izumi Kyouka greeting the player

The game will show a prologue (see the page for translation of this "recollection"), which acts as a sequel to the game's Main Story and the Foreign Secret Records series storyline, explaining what is the game's story situation as of 2021 July 28th. This recollection may be skipped from the top right corner of the screen by opening up the recollection control menu and pressing "Skip" (スキップ) button.

Another recollection will start playing, starting the game's tutorial for new players (if you are a returning player, you will not see this and you won't pick a starter writer, skipping to "The First Transmigration" section).

Chief Librarian icon.png

Ah, you came at a good timing!
Today you shall start the real work!

Chief Librarian icon.png

You will "book delve"; dive into books, together with the writers.
Books that have been contamined by Taints... In other words "tainted books", and purifying them, is your job.

Cat icon.png

First of all, how about appointing an assistant who shall help you with today's job?

Chief Librarian icon.png

That's a good idea, Cat.

Chief Librarian icon.png

Assistant is a person who supports you with work.
Assign a promising person as your assistant, and take charge of the writers' book delving.

Chief Librarian icon.png

Well then, I'm counting on you. Let's meet again when you've got started with your work.

Choosing a Starter

Oda Sakunosuke in the starter select menu

New players will be given an option to choose one from four starter writers. Please do note that you are free to choose whoever you want; the four writers are common, and you will get remaining ones from the first and second shelf of Tainted Books as a reward.

The texts below are our staff's descriptions of the writers, see their individual pages for actual profile translations.

Hori Tatsuo icon.png Hori Tatsuo CV: Takahashi Kouji
Hori Tatsuo, "Tacchan(ko)", is one of the "Neo-Aesthetic School" writers. A sweet young man who many mistake for a child. Despite his looks, he is determined to be of help to his friends and works hard to fight the Taints. He is close friends with Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, who he also admires. Hori Tatsuo's most famous work "The Wind has Risen" has been loosely adapted into an anime movie by Miyazaki Hayao and Studio Ghibli.
Nakano Shigeharu icon.png Nakano Shigeharu CV: Akabane Kenji
As a writer of proletariat literature, Nakano Shigeharu knows very well what it means to write and fight for better future. Even though he is very opinionated and might seem rough, he bears deep guilt over what happened in the past and wants to protect literature. Together with his proletariat comrades Kobayashi Takiji and Tokunaga Sunao, they are often seen eating huge amounts of food in the Library's Dining Hall.
Oda Sakunosuke icon.png Oda Sakunosuke CV: Onosaka Masaya
One of the "Decadent School" writers. Oda Sakunosuke, "Odasaku", is a handsome, frank young man with a thick Osaka dialect. It's hard to not be concerned about his fragile physique, that he tries to hide behind laughter and by focusing on positive things of life. He is known for his love of curry, especially the Osaka specialty "jiyuuken" (curry rice with raw egg on top). Odasaku is often seen in the Library with his friends Dazai Osamu, Sakaguchi Ango and Dan Kazuo, who drink and cause trouble together.
Satou Haruo icon.png Satou Haruo CV: Tai Yuuki
Satou Haruo is one of the "Mita School" writers. An influental man said to have had up to 3000 disciples. Dazai Osamu, Dan Kazuo and Ibuse Masuji are few of the many people who he took in and helped them in their author careers. Haruo might have a difficult situation with Dazai in this life due to what happened with the Akutagawa Prize, but with his gentle and supporting big brother nature, Haruo tries to help Dazai even if the young man causes trouble to the people around him, including Haruo. He has complicated relationship with Tanizaki Junichirou, and his ex-mentor Nagai Kafuu.

These four are bronze-rarity writers (referred to as beige in this Wiki) of the blade weapon class. The player will be able to obtain all of these writers, and many more as they progress through the game via summoning and other ways.

Tutorial starter panel 2.png

Use the left and right arrows (PC) or swipe the screen (mobile app) to browse the entire selection of available starter writers.

The player may choose a writer by clicking the round "Select" (決定) button and then confirm their selection with "Yes".

First Transmigration

Please do note that if you are returning player (someone who hasn't played the game since July 28th, 2021), the tutorial will start from this point!

Once the player has chosen a writer, they will enter the Main Library and see their selected starter writer, who is now their Assistant (助手). The assistant and his outfit may be changed later all freely in the Office.

A small list of resources are handed out for the tutorial use:

  • 67x Alchemy Thread (錬金糸) Thread icon.png
  • 1x Equipment Book (有装書) Equipment Book icon.png
  • 1x Governor (調速機) Governor icon.png
  • 1x 2 star icon.png rarity Memoria Card of your starter writer

UI Guide for the Main Library screen

Large book delve icon.png

New players are prompted to go transmigrate their first writer, so they can form a team for a Tainted Book delve. Click the big reddish brown 潜書 button in the library to access the Book Delve menu. You will see the following screen:

Book Delve menu

Lore-wise there are two types of "Book Delves" in this game: Tainted Book Delve (有碍書, yuugaisho), where a player sends a party of writers into battle to purify books, and Ensouled Book Delve (有魂書, yuukonsho), where the player may summon writers from books where writers' souls dwell.

Tainted Books, and the Sealed Books in Sealed Library (封蔵書, fuuzousho) belong to the Tainted Book Delve category; you delve into books to beat the Taints dwelling inside them that are trying to erase the books and their authors from our history.

Equipment Books (有装書, yuusousho) are special kind of Ensouled Books; beside harboring the writers' souls, they also have various writers' equipment within them. Ensouled Books of Storytelling (紡の有魂書, tsumugi no yuukonsho) are also special kind of Ensouled Books; they are the very books where the writers have been transmigrated from, and by delving into them, the writers can "complete" themselves and acquire Awakening Rings (覚醒ノ指環, kakusei no yubiwa), that will awaken new powers.

Note: In the lore, an Ensouled Book may become a Tainted Book if Taints invade the book, but a Tainted Book can't become an Ensouled Book; it must be an Ensouled Book before the tainting to have a writer's soul inside.

Equipment book delve icon.png

Click the green button Equipment Books (有装書) to access the summoning menu. Please do note that the writer list on the right will show up once you've selected a slot for delving.

Equipment Books UI overview

The game guides you to select the top-most delve slot and choose Tokuda Shuusei for delving, who is currently your only writer available for the task (in the screenshot below, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke is used for the delve).

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke in delve confirmation screen

You are given a chance to see your delve-related materials and how much a delve will cost you. One Equipment Books delve costs one (1) Equipment Book Equipment Book icon.png. You may also use Governor (調速機), which skips the delve waiting time and shows the result right away. The tutorial forces you to use a governor, but later you may let the timer run out naturally or after starting a delve, skip the waiting if you desire so.

Once you have enabled governor usage, press the yellow "Confirm" (確定) button to commence delve. The tutorial is guaranteed to give you a random writer of all available writers in the permanent pool. Outside of the tutorial, a delve into Equipment Books may also give you writers' outfits or Memoria Cards.

Once you you have completed your first Equipment Books delve, you are asked to press Writers (文豪) button on the left-side quickmenu and click the brown Equipment (装備) button to complete the Equipment Books tutorial and proceed to strengthen a writer for Tainted Book delving.

Few important notes about Equipment Books Delving:

  • Equipment Books Equipment Book icon.png are rare items available as reward from events and Research missions. It is recommended to use the books sparingly, so you can do at least a daily delve to clear the research mission requiring one Equipment Book Delve. You will need 50 Equipment Book Delves a month to get the highest salary from Pay Day, so use the books while keeping that on your mind.
  • Assistant can't be selected for Equipment Books delve. If you wish to use the writer you currently have as assistant, you must first change assistant to someone else.
  • While writers are delving into Equipment Books, they can't delve into other books (Ensouled Books of Storytelling, Tainted Books, Sealed Books, event books etc.)!
  • A writer delving can appear in Strolls, however his sprite won't show up and you can't give him gifts until he is done with the delving and you've claimed the result of it.

Further info and delve timers can be found on Equipment Books page.

Strengthening a Writer's Outfit

Equipment icon.png

Next you will arrive to Equipment (装備) section of the game. This is a place where you may see and manage all your owned outfits, writers, memoria cards and rings.

The first thing you will see are Outfits (衣装).

List of player's all currently owned outfits

In the tutorial you are asked to choose Tokuda Shuusei and strengthen his regular outfit. Select him and you are taken a screen where you can see the outfit's stats and its level. Press the small up arrow (▲) button to level up the outfit to level 2. Confirm the action by pressing the round "Level Up/Strengthen" (強化) button.

Tsubouchi Shouyou's alternate outfit being leveled up

Leveling up an outfit consumes Alchemy Thread (錬金糸) Thread icon.png, material which is common reward from events, Research missions, and Auto-Delve in Tainted Book Delve menu. Sometimes limited-time campaigns also hand out some.

After you have strengthened Tokuda Shuusei's regular outfit, press the small "Return" (戻る) button on the left bottom corner of the screen to go back to the list of all outfits.

Next you are assigned to go form a party of your currently acquired writers. Press the Writers (文豪) button on the left-side quickmenu and there a green button Formation (結成).

How to Form a Party

Formation icon.png

Formation (結成) is the section where you arrange your writers into teams to send into battle. You may also equip your writers with rings and memoria cards, or strengthen their outfits.

The player may form up to five parties with personalized party names.

Oda Sakunosuke and Tokuda Shuusei in Party 1

You are asked to add Tokuda Shuusei to your team. Click the empty slot with a yellow button Add Member (加入) next to your starter writer.

Formation 03.png

A list of writers will open up. In this panel you see the writer's stats and may equip your writer with a ring. Click Tokuda Shuusei on the list, then the big silver button on bottom right corner To Outfit Selection (衣装選択画面へ).

Formation 04.png

You will see the writer's all outfits you currently have in possession, that you can choose to be added to your team. You may also strengthen the outfits in this screen. Tokuda Shuusei's regular outfit is automatically selected, as it is your only outfit for him. Press the Select Outfit (衣装決定) button and you will be taken back to party screen.

Next you are asked to equip a Memoria Card (装像, souzou) of your starter writer to the upper memoria slot meant for Attack Class cards. Press the slot and choose the card from the list that opens up. Proceed with the selection by pressing the yellow "Confirm" (決定) button. Now you have the card equipped, and it will enchance your team's Attack power. The lower slot will be for Defense Class cards, and they will enhance your team's defense. All cards regardless of their class also have a Weapon Type, Element and special effect that boosts the team's accuracy, chances to land a crit hit on enemies or fills writers' Epiphany Gauge faster.

Your team is now ready for its first battle. Press the red button Book Delve (潜書) on the left-side quickmenu, and there the red button Tainted Book Delve (有碍書).

Some notes:

  1. Switch between parties using the tabs on the top right.
  2. The Leader position is the only one which must be filled.
  3. A writer can be included in multiple parties.
  4. Only one unit (=outfit) of the same writer is allowed in a team, you can't have a team full of same writer.
  5. When typing in a new party name, make sure to click the "Rename Party" button to confirm the change.

A filter menu can be used to sort out writers according to different categories.

Formation 02.png

Finally, it is recommended to form teams focusing on one element to defeat the various types of enemy Taints. Furthermore, although higher rarity writers generally have better stats than regular writers, it is fully possible to clear the hardest Tainted Book Delves in the game with a full team of beige-rarity writers. What mostly matters is the level of the writer's outfit and its rarity.

View Combat Mechanism for more details on writer statistics and the different weapon classes, which will be helpful in forming teams.

More info of forming a party can be found of Party Formation page.

Intro to Tainted Book Delving

Tainted book delve icon.png

The player may begin to level up their writers, as well as obtain resources used in Blossoming and transmigrate new writers, by entering the Tainted Book Delve (有碍書) section from the Book Delve menu and purifying the first book on the first shelf.

Overview of the Tainted Book Delve screen

Tainted Books are listed into the i-ro-ha [いろは] sequence, which is a traditional ordering of the Japanese syllabary, a system similar to "ABC".

A chart of the Elements

Each book has different element Taints lurking within, so on top right corner of each book's back, there is indicated which element will be effective against them. Use this as a hint when building teams and choosing one for a delve.

  • Element earth icon.png Earth (土) = Strong against Water, weak to Air.
  • Element fire icon.png Fire (火) = Strong against Air, weak to Water.
  • Element water icon.png Water (水) = Strong against Fire, weak to Earth.
  • Element air icon.png Air (風) = Strong against Earth, weak to Fire. Also known as "Wind" element.

Click the first book, which in this case is I-1 book "Mold" by Tokuda Shuusei (the hint for this book is to use Water element writers). You will be taken to team selection screen.

Team selection before delve

Choose a team (which in the tutorial's case is only the first one) and press the big button "Delve" (潜書) on bottom right corner to start the delve. New player will see first a recollection featuring Tokuda Shuusei and their chosen starter writer. Translations for these can be found from the following links:

Upon entering a book, the team will automatically advance along a set path consisting of three nodes or "waves". Each wave has Taints, which your delving team must defeat to advance to the next wave. All weapon types have their pros and cons, for example guns can attack only in the beginning and end of a wave. Other weapon types are free to attack several times during a wave.

In the beginning of a wave, long ranged weapon types (bows and guns) attack first. After that, the rest of the wave consists of various attacks by other team members. The wave ends with guns firing their attack, in case team has any writers of said weapon type.

Kunikida Doppo's epiphany (降臨) gauge at maximum.

During delve, writers may get hit and lose their HP, or in other words, "gain corrosion/tainting" (侵蝕, shinshoku). Each hit also fills the writer's "Epiphany Gauge" (降臨, kourin), a yellow/orange bar below the HP bar, according to equipped Memoria cards and the writer's "State of Mind" (精神, seishin). The more unstable a writer is, the faster his gauge will fill. A full Epiphany means that the moment there is two writers in team with a full gauge, they will perform a "Dual Attack" (双筆神髄, soushitsu shinzui, "Double Pen Essence").

Too low HP triggers different status effects, which will affect the delve.

Health weakened.png
Health breakdown.png

First there is weakened state (indicated by blue 耗弱, koujaku). Your writer will be unable to land normal attacks for the rest of delve, but there's a small chance he performs "Desperation Attack" (筆殺奥義, hissatsu ougi, "Secret Technique - Death by Pen").

If a writer enters breakdown state (indicated by purple 喪失, soushitsu), he will be unable to attack at all for the rest of the delve.

Upon clearing all waves, the delve is successful and all writers will be restored to full HP automatically.

Successful book purification

If the player closes the game or loses connection during a delve, the game will show the rewards screen upon restarting the game and grade player's performance according to which time the delve was interrupted.

Auto-Delve that has reached its resource limit

Upon clearing the first book, "Auto-Delve" (自動潜書, jidou sensho) will be unlocked to the Tainted Books. Through time this feature will reward player various materials needed to strengthen writers, so it will be important to actively collect the patrol reports by pressing the yellow button Receive Report (報告を受ける) on the right side of the book selection screen. The longer you wait and let your writers patrol, the more items you get and likely gain some rare items. However, Auto-Delve has 24-hour limit, meaning that after 24 hours it will stop accumulating rewards. Receiving the rewards once or few times a day is efficient way to keep getting valuable materials. More information about the Auto-Delve feature can be read on the Book Delve page.

Next in the tutorial you will head to Librarian's Office. Press the dark blue button Librarian (司書) on the left-side quickmenu, and there the another dark blue button Librarian'a Office (司書室).

Learn more about the different types of enemies in the Taint Types page.

View Tainted Books and Sealed Books for information on enemy Taints, the possible writers that may be transmigrated when purifying each book, etc.

View Combat Mechanism to learn more about the battles in the delves themselves, including information about weakened and breakdown states, how to trigger dual attacks, etc.


Librarian's Office

Office UI Guide

The Office menu contains many features that are non-essential to the game. However, the player may take pleasure in doing things like viewing their collection of letters and writers, choosing a writer and outfit to display, and arranging their office space to their preference here.

Switch Assistant

Switch Assistant icon.png

This menu allows the player to change the current library assistant to another writer and choose his outfit.

Outfits which player doesn't have for the writer of their choice are also displayed on the outfit list, but they will be grayed out. The first grayed out outfit with text 開花マス解放報酬 ("reward for unlocking nodes in Blossoming") can be unlocked through Blossoming (three different nodes, total three copies can be acquired), meanwhile the second outfit with text 散策[信頼度100]報酬 ("reward for 100 Trust points in Strolls") can be acquired by gaining 100 Trust points for the writer in Strolls (additional copies are handed out at 300 and 400 Trust points).


Decor icon.png

This is an optional feature the player may use to furnish their Office. Coins (available as event rewards, research mission rewards, etc.) may be used to purchase decor and personalize the player's space with the available items.

View Decor page for a guide on how to navigate the Decor shop and for a list of decor.


Records icon.png

Records (記録) menu contains two features, Battle Records (戦績, senseki), and Research Report (報告書, houkokusho). Like the name suggests, various data can be checked here

Battle Records icon.png

Battle Records (戦績) contains player information such as player level, most used writers and collection records. The player may choose to change their display name from the button "Change (変更)" here.

Battle Records 1.png

Research Report icon.png

In Research Report (報告書), players can write their own reports with a customized text and choose a picture from their owned memoria cards. Other players' research reports may also be viewed (these are shown randomly).

Research Report.png


Writers register icon.png

Check this index for information on all existing writers (even ones you haven't actually transmigrated yet), to access Recollections, and check your possessed Rings. There are three buttons under this menu:

Recollections Register

Recollections register icon.png

Access here by clicking the icon Recollections Register (回想図鑑, kaisou zukan) on the left under the "Register" button.

Writers Register Office 3.png
Writers Register Office 4.png

There are 4 tabs in Recollections Register:

  • First tab Recollections (回想) displays Strolls (framed green), Tainted Books (framed red), Dining Hall & Birthday (both framed brown), and Anniversary recollections & monthly payday statements (both framed cinnamon color).
    • The player may sort the recollections by these 4 categories, or remove blank spaces by using the button labeled (絞り込み). The total number of recollections available and how many the player has unlocked are displayed at the right of the screen.
  • Second tab Stories (物語) displays the Substories (framed magenta), Main Story (framed violet), Sealed Books recollections part of the Foreign Secret Records series (framed pink), and Special Recollections (framed gold).
    • The player may sort the recollections from the "Sort (絞り込み)" button on the left. There are 5 categories: Substories (幕間), Main Story (文学奇譚), Foreign Secret Records (異境秘録), Special Recollections (特別回想) (this includes Special Birthday Recollections and old Prologue), and All (全て).
  • Third tab Events (イベント) displays all event recollections (framed blue), ordered by their release date.
  • Fourth tab Awakening (覚醒) displays the Awakening Story Prologue (覚醒ノ物語 序章), and each writers' Awakening Stories, who you have got Awakening Rings for.
  • The total number of recollections available and how many the player has unlocked are displayed at the right of the screen, and also under each chapter.
  • From the Recollection Settings (回想設定) button on the right the player may choose to activate continuation feature for the same story recollections.

See our wiki's page dedicated for all existing recollections here.

Writers Register

Characters register icon.png

Access here by clicking the icon Writers' Register (文豪図鑑, bungou zukan) in the middle under the "Register" button.

Writers Register Office 1.png
Writers Register Office 2.png

By clicking on a writer's portrait, the player may access the writer's:

  • In-game profile: Shows their birthday, voice actor, faction and the genre of literature they write, along with a thorough description of their character.
  • Letters: The letters received by a writer from other writers when that writer is set as assistant are recorded here.
  • Voice Lines: This button is locked until the player acquires at least one alternate outfit for the writer. The outfit can be any, as long as it isn't the regular outfit. Voice lines section has the writer's all library, office, delve and anniversary quotes available for listening.
  • Recollections: Shows only Strolls, Tainted Book and event recollections involving the writer in main role, as well as the writer's own Special Birthday Recollection (in case player has bought such).

All information found in the Writers Register is translated and accessible from the Writers list on this Wiki.

Please do note that as of August 30, 2021, all available writers are displayed in the register even if player doesn't have some writers. To see all writers you actually have, you may check it from "Writers" tab in Equipment, or through Formation.

Ring Register

Ring register icon.png

Access here by clicking the icon Ring Register (指環図鑑, yubiwa zukan) on the right under the "Register" button.

Writers Register Office 5.png
Writers Register Office 6.png

By clicking on a writer's portrait, the player may view a list of Rings (both Weapon Ring and Awakening Ring) belonging to that writer.

  • Selecting a ring will open up a new panel, where the player may view the level of the ring, and also may read the writers' old memories and hidden thoughts that reside within that ring (Weapon Ring) or the ring's flavor text (Awakening Ring).
  • More memories and a letter will become available through leveling the ring (Weapon Ring only).
  • See more info about rings on Rings introduction page.

Tools & Items

Tools and Items icon.png

This menu is essentially the player's inventory of resources and items, and the game's shop located in one place. This section can also be accessed from the Main Library through the "Shop" (購買) button.
Wk office 04.png

View the Purchasing page for a guide on how to purchase items in-game.

View the Shop page for a list of items available in the shop and current sales.

View the Items Catalogy page for a list of all items available in the game.

Introduction to Strolls

Strolls is an optional feature in which the player may raise their trust with the writers by giving them presents. The player obtains a writer's casual outfit when their trust level reaches 100 points (and duplicates are handed out at 300 and 400 Trust points). The player may also obtain dining hall recollections between 2 writers who are at Trust points 80, or special Strolls recollections at Trust points 120.

View Strolls for more information, including links to translations of the things the writers say at each location.

Introduction to Blossoming

Blossoming icon.png

The player may use resources such as souls Literature Soul (Small) icon.png and soul gears Soul Gear icon.png to blossom a writer's nodes of potential along his Writer's Road. Each writer also has an alternate outfit and a unique voice clip node in his Writer's Road.

Visit the Blossoming page for further information, including what resources may be needed and how to get them, etc.

Introduction to Memoria

Memoria icon.png

The Memoria feature is this game's gacha feature. The player may gather memoria stones Memoria Stone icon.png by completing research missions regularly, claiming them as monthly salary and participating in events. Rolling the Memoria gacha yields mainly regular outfits of writers or 1~2 star rarity memoria cards, which affect writers' stats when equipped. There are also limited-time outfits, rings and 3-star rarity memoria cards available through this feature which change every two weeks or so. These are called memoria features on this wiki, and a list of all past memoria features along with the current one may be found here.

Please view the Memoria page for a thorough guide on how to use the feature.

Introduction to Ring Feature

The rings are items obtainable from Memoria feature (weapon rings), or Ensouled Books of Storytelling (awakening rings). When equipped to specific writers they will change their weapon type or apperance, as well as by leveling up the rings gains the writers a ring bonus which amplifies their main weapon's abilities. Weapon rings also bring back old memories or brings forth hidden feelings, meanwhile awakening rings unlock new outfit for the writer and plenty of new voice lines.

Please view the Ring page for a thorough guide on how to use the feature.

Resource Compilation



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