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Formation (結成) is the section where you arrange your writers into teams to send into battle. You may also view information and statistics about your writers, equip them with rings and memoria cards.

How to form a team

Basic view of Formation

You can form up to five teams, with four members in each team. Use the yellow button (加入) on an empty place to add new members, and the tabs on the top right corner to switch between parties.

The red button on bottom right corner "Remove All" (会派一括解除) removes all writers from the team but the leader. The green button "Auto-Formation" (自動編成) allows you to let the game decide for you the team members by element, or overall highest stats.

Memoria cards may be equipped by tapping/clicking the two empty slots with text "Equip Memoria card" (装像変更). The upper slot is for Attack (攻撃) type cards, meanwhile the bottom slot is for Defense (防御) type cards. All cards have also element and weapon type, which by matching the team's writers will increase the stats boost of the card. See Memoria Index for list of memoria cards.

Some notes about team formation :

  • A team must have at least one member (the leader).
  • You can use the same writer or his outfit in different teams.
  • Only one unit (=outfit) of the same writer is allowed in a team, you can't have a team full of same writer.
  • There is no restriction on class types, elements or rarity - you can form teams of any combinations.
  • Same memoria card can be used in many teams.

A filter menu can be used to sort out writers according to different categories.

Formation 02.png

Selecting a writer

In the writer selection screen you will see your all available writers, their stats, weapon type and state of mind. In this screen you can also equip Ring to the slot with text "Equip Ring" (指環変更), in case you have such for the writer you are planning to use (see the Ring page for more info of how to use them).

To add the writer your team, press the silver button "To Outfit Selection" (衣装選択画面へ) and pick an outfit of your choice. Confirm your choice with "Select Outfit" (衣装決定). All outfits have their own level (not to be confused with the writer level!) and element, which will affect delves to Tainted Books and so on.

Outfit selection and strengthening an outfit

  • Rarity (レアリティ) = How rare the outfit is. The more rare, the stronger the outfit will be.
  • Outfit Level (衣装レベル) = Current level of the outfit. May be raised by consuming Alchemy Thread (錬金糸) Thread icon.png.
  • Levelcaps (上限解放数) = How many times levelcapping has been performed on the outfit. Duplicates (重複数) in the brackets inform if you have a duplicate the outfit, that can be used for raising the levelcap.
  • Level Up Outfit (衣装レベル強化) = By pressing the arrow buttons or button with text "MAX", you can level up the outfit. Confirm the action by pressing the round button "Level Up" (強化).
  • Amount Possessed (所持数) = Indicates how much Alchemy Thread you have, and how much you will have left after strengthening an outfit.

Outfit strengthening may be also performed in Equipment under Outfits (衣装) tab.

When you have reached the outfit's current maximum level, you may uncap its level, which raises its rarity by one star.

Uncapping the level of an outfit, which also raises the rarity

Raising outfit's rarity/unlocking the levelcap requires a duplicate of the outfit and ink Ink icon.png. Maximum rarity of an outfit depends on the initial rarity:

  • 1 star outfit's max rarity is 3 stars.
  • 2 star outfit's max rarity is 4 stars.
  • 3 star outfit's max rarity is 5 stars.

If an outfit has reached its maximum rarity and level, all additional duplicates acquired may be used up to raise the outfit's Attack and Defense stats by 4-8 points per each duplicate. The stats raise depends on writer's weapon type and whether he has a ring or not. Currently there doesn't seem to be any maximum how many times this can be done.

Outfits may be acquired from Tainted Books delves upon first clear (regular outfit), Strolls, Blossoming, Equipment Books or Memoria. Some Events may also have outfits as a reward.

Team formation tips

A chart of the Elements

  • Teams consisting of one element is recommended, as Tainted Books usually have only one element Taints. In other words, dedicate a team for Fire element, Water element and so on for more efficient way to clear Tainted Books.
  • 3 star rarity outfits from Memoria gacha or Equipment Books tend to be stronger than lower rarity outfits levelcapped to same rarity.
  • Meanwhile there are many kind of team formations and no wrong way to form team, it's generally suggested to not use too many whips in a team. Whips have the lowest damage, but they can hit many enemies at the same time. Use whips as a backup for other weapon types. A team full of guns is also considered risky and not efficient to beat some harder books, as guns can hit only twice per wave; in the beginning and end of the wave. See this page for more info of each weapon type.
    • Few team formation recommendations, that new players can use as reference of how to build teams:
      • 2x Blades, 1x Gun or Bow, 1x Whip
      • 2x Bows, 1x Blade, 1x Whip
      • 3x Blades, 1x Gun or Bow
      • One of each weapon type
  • Pay attention to the writers' State of Mind stat. If you have a team full of Unstable writers, your team can take less damage from Taints than a team of Stable writers. But on the contrary, they will perform Dual Attacks more often than a team of Stable writers. See Epiphany and Dual Attack section on Combat Mechanism page.
  • When equipping Memoria Cards, pay attention to their Element and Weapon Type. Preferably use cards that match the element and weapon types that your team has, so you get more out of the card's stats boost.