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Sealed Library Introduction


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Oh, excuse me.

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Hoo... So you are the rumored "special duty librarian".
I heard you transmigrate souls and I wondered what kind of an alchemist you are...

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From now on, I have a job for you to take care of.

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There's no time. Hurry up, he is waiting.

The story continues in the following order, introduced to the game first as Foreign Secret Record series events, but afterwards they are permanent additions anyone can access when they meet certain requirements.

Please do consider reading the Main Story first before proceeding to read these stories.

A-SERIES/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Unlocking requirement: Reach librarian (player) level 3.
Lewis Carroll is permanently available in this shelf, and he will be transmigrated upon clearing A-3 book.

A mysterious sealed book is delivered to Chief Librarian, who entrusts the investigation of the book to the Special Duty Librarian (player). Tayama Katai and Shimazaki Touson delve into the book, and soon meet a mysterious girl Alice. The Naturalist duo adventure deeper into the book to find out why Alice keeps running away from them. Who is the mysterious man she talks about and what are the owls that keep attacking them...?

B-SERIES/The Final Problem

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all A-SERIES books.

After being transmigrated, Lewis Carroll delves once more into his book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" to find out what is the mysterious presence of something or someone in the book. In the library, Chief Librarian and others lose track of him, and Edogawa Ranpo and Hori Tatsuo dispatch to go look for him. Meanwhile the duo are looking for Carroll, Conan Doyle appears and takes Carroll as his partner to look for Sherlock Holmes. Why is Doyle searching for his beloved character, and is Holmes actually a friend or foe...?

C-SERIES/The Fall of the House of Usher

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all A-SERIES and B-SERIES books.

Another sealed book is delivered to Chief Librarian by the Society. To find more clues of who or what is controlling the Taints, the investigation continues. Special Duty Librarian sends Hagiwara Sakutarou, Nakahara Chuuya, Yumeno Kyuusaku and Conan Doyle into the book. The writers find themselves in a mysterious mansion full of Taints. After a while of fighting the Taints and exploring the mansion, a man claiming to be the mansion's owner shows up. Who is the man, and why is he able to control the Taints...?

D-SERIES/Crime and Punishment

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and C-SERIES.

Faust shows up again in the Library to discuss with Chief Librarian about Edgar Allan Poe and his peculiar powers, that he showed inside his book "The Fall of the House of Usher". Faust has also yet another sealed book with him that he requests to be handled, but this time the seal had been broken and the book's contents had surfaced. Mushanokouji Saneatsu, Shiga Naoya, and the recently transmigrated Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft delve into the book. They find a young man suffering of amnesia in the streets of St. Petersburg in Russia. Who is the man, and why can't he remember his identity? What about the man he talks about, who had saved him earlier...?

E-SERIES/The Great Gatsby - Part 1

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and D-SERIES.

A sealed book emitting great energy was delivered to the library by Faust. To find out what's hidden in the book, Leo Tolstoy steps forth and proposes to be one of the delvers. Together with Fyodor Dostoevsky, Takamura Koutarou and Ishikawa Takuboku, they engage with Taints right away upon entering the book. Meanwhile the writers are fighting inside the book, Faust is curious about the Library's alchemy and wants answers to his questions of what are the writers in fact, what kind of powers do they possess and can others also control negative mental energy like Edgar Allan Poe. After fighting, the delvers find themselves in the busy streets of New York. Among the crowd they meet F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby, but something seems off. Why doesn't Fitzgerald remember who he truly is, what is behind Gatsby's suspicious behavior, and what is the party they are talking about...?

F-SERIES/The Great Gatsby - Part 2

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and E-SERIES.

Fitzgerald is worried about Gatsby, who was left behind in the book with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy to find Ernest Hemingway. Chief Librarian reports that the book's tainting is getting worse and communications with the delvers got cut. Tanizaki Junichirou and Nagai Kafuu offer to help Fitzgerald to find his friends, and the trio delves into the book. Elsewhere inside the book, Gatsby and others are fighting the Taints in a deserted New York, which earlier had been bustling with life. The situation escalates when a big lion shows up, but Hemingway's sudden appearence drives it away. The delvers chase after it, leaving wounded Gatsby behind. The two Russians learn more of Hemingway and the current situation of the book along the way, but Dostoevsky notices something is wrong...


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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and F-SERIES.

Faust holds a meeting with the library staff about their new mission; to have writers delve into Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust", that isn't an ensouled book but has traces of some sort of energy. Ernest Hemingway, who was nearly killed by a taint in "The Great Gatsby", is determined to find the one behind the whole tainting phenomenon to pay back for his and others' suffering. Along with his close friend F. Scott Fitzgerald, the two join hands with Tokuda Shuusei and Izumi Kyouka to investigate the book. Inside the book, the writers fight the book's guardian owls until a peculiar one shows up, gesturing to follow. They wander deeper into the book and are guided to a mysterious portal. With Cat joining them, the delvers go through the portal and find themselves inside a huge library full of alchemy books. Faust, who sees everything through Cat's eyes, explains that they ended up into a world created by Goethe, where the writer is hiding his research materials. Soon they meet the book's author himself, and learn more of the man and the mysterious world. Why a great writer and alchemist like Goethe has been hiding inside his own book this whole time...?


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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and G-SERIES.

After suffering a huge loss, the Imperial Library is in disarray. Chief Librarian has been busy with handling matters with the government, meanwhile Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Aka and Ao lead an investigation to learn more about their enemy; the Master of Taints, who had finally appeared before them inside the book "Faust". The library staff also has a request to find a mysterious old alchemy book, which is found with little effort. The alchemists have writers delve once more into Sealed Books they've visited before to find clues. Holmes and Gatsby tell the writers their thoughts and what they know of the situation, while elsewhere Goethe's own research on the old alchemy book results in discovery of something that took place far in the past...

I-SERIES/The Flowers of Evil

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Unlocking requirement: Clear all books between A-SERIES and H-SERIES.

The time has come to face the one behind the tainting phenomenon. After a long investigation, the library staff announces that they've found where their enemy is hiding; in the world of Charles Baudelaire's poetry anthology "The Flowers of Evil". With Edgar Allan Poe leading the mission, the foreign writers delve into the book with a new tool that Aka and Ao had developed to help with jumping between books and places within them. Upon arriving to the Paris inside the book, the writers are immediately greeted by the book's author. However, Baudelaire doesn't seem to want to cooperate and be transmigrated to the library where he could be safe. When the situation is about to get out of control, the writers are saved by someone who they thought was dead. Meanwhile in the library, certain man talks about his past. He reveals something important about certain someone who has been by his side for a long time and of the whole tainting phenomenon...

Can the writers prevent their enemy from succeeding in their plan, or is literature and whole humankind doomed for good...?

The story continues in new Prologue, followed by Awakening Story Prologue and so on...