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This page is dedicated for trivia of the Bungou to Alchemist writers as fictional characters (what they have done in different BunAl media, how their character design or traits are connected to the real writers and so on). This page's contents shouldn't be confused with the trivia found on each writer's profiles, that are about the real writers the characters are based on.

The writers on this page are in ID order, following the wiki and game's naming protocol of Japanese writers having last name first, given name second, while Western writers follow the exact opposite order.

※ The following trivias contain spoilers of the game!
Only very little amount of the anime, Bungekis and novels may be found in some writers' case. You have been warned.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke icon.png
  • Like his irl counterpart, Akutagawa has shown dislike towards bathing (see his recollection with Muroo Saisei in TO-2 Book) and he avoids dogs at all costs. This has lead to numerous jokes among fans how his friends must force him to get bathed and so on.
  • Akutagawa is almost always seen with a cigarette, and at times someone or he himself jokes about his unhealthy amount of smoking. According to his words, he would rather die than quit smoking.
  • Character design comment for Akutagawa in the first Document Collection reveals that at first he had a pet dragon that was riding on his shoulder. As implementing the dragon was difficult and the game's direction shifted towards more realistic world through time, the staff decided to give him a hairstyle that would resemble a dragon (as Ryuunosuke means "son of a dragon").
    • His character design also has several gears here and there like many characters in the game. In Akutagawa's case they are also reference to his famous work "Cogwheels", and according to the first Document Collection, his belts are forming a web (a reference to his work "Spider's Thread").
  • In the Chronicles of Galactic Railroad series events he was a train conductor by Naoki Sanjuugo's request, something which he didn't seem to enjoy as he had been asked to just stand still and look good, but in the end he had bigger role.

Dazai Osamu

Dazai Osamu icon.png

Dazai Osamu/Fandom Trivia

Hagiwara Sakutarou

Hagiwara Sakutarou icon.png

Hagiwara Sakutarou/Fandom Trivia

Nakahara Chuuya

Nakahara Chuuya icon.png

Nakahara Chuuya/Fandom Trivia

Izumi Kyouka

Izumi Kyouka icon.png

Izumi Kyouka/Fandom Trivia

Natsume Souseki

Natsume Souseki icon.png

Natsume Souseki/Fandom Trivia

Miyazawa Kenji

Miyazawa Kenji icon.png

Miyazawa Kenji/Fandom Trivia

Tanizaki Junichirou

Tanizaki Junichirou icon.png

Tanizaki Junichirou/Fandom Trivia

Nagai Kafuu

Nagai Kafuu icon.png

Nagai Kafuu/Fandom Trivia

Shimazaki Touson

Shimazaki Touson icon.png

Shimazaki Touson/Fandom Trivia

Tayama Katai

Tayama Katai icon.png

Tayama Katai/Fandom Trivia

Shiga Naoya

Shiga Naoya icon.png
  • Shiga was voted TOP3 in Bungou to Alchemist favorite character poll along with Tokuda Shuusei and Kobayashi Takiji (the poll was held for the game's first anniversary in 2017).
  • Like the other Shirakabaha (White Birch School) members, his looks and even actions reflect his priviledged background. Notable example of this behavior is how he was making seafood curry, using expensive lobster as the main ingredient. Oda Sakunosuke, who happened to pass by, judged his choice for such a lavish ingredient. He commented how rich people like Shiga never care about their money spending once he had got an answer to his question of how much did the lobster cost, Shiga's answer being he didn't know (source: Bungou to Alchemist program slot's livedrama in Tokyo Game Show 2017).
  • According to the first Document Collection, Shiga was one of the very first authors who got his character design settled during the game's production.
  • Dazai Osamu has shown to dislike Shiga even in this life, the two don't get along well and Shiga has been notable target of Buraiha's (The Decadent School) "rich kid" and other comments. Shiga's behavior towards Dazai varies by media. In the game he seems to be tired of Dazai's hostility and wants peace with him (see The Setting Sun event story and Shiga's letter to Dazai). During Akutagawa's special birthday recollection, they cooperated to make a cake for Akutagawa, but Dazai didn't like working with Shiga and in the end Dazai took all credit for the cake to Shiga's displeasure. In the first Stage Play Shiga tries to ignore him, meanwhile in the anime he's seen to make fun of Dazai.
  • Despite his comment about planning to get along with Satomi Ton in this life, the two seem to still quarrel at times (see Shiga's letter to Ton and Shiga's special birthday recollection). When the two aren't fighting or just competing in a friendly manner (see the mobile app's third year anniversary's day 4 recollection), they are close like seen during Shiga's special birthday recollection where the two had fought, but made up by ganging up against Arishima Takeo and others in a snowball fight, winning the opposing team together easily.
  • He dislikes cold to some extent, seen during his special birthday recollection where he had a snowball fight with Takeo. As Takeo had lived notable amount of his life in Hokkaido, he performed well in the cold weather and he was able to force Shiga to his knees, who had earlier complained about the cold. In Crime and Punishment story, Shiga showed weakness to coldness again once he entered Tolstoy's "War and Peace" book.
  • In his official profile it has been stated he likes biking around, like irl Shiga was also noted to do especially during his younger days. This hobby is mentioned in several of his quotes, and he has made fun of Musha how he couldn't ride one. Later on he started teaching him.
  • He has also shown affection towards animals like irl Shiga did. In the memoria card Faithful Partners' level 3 art he's seen with Kawabata Yasunari and Sakaguchi Ango, authors who also were known as big dog lovers, hinting that he likes dogs even in this life. He has also shown weak side for the ducks that live in the courtyard (see his line in the Strolls, Courtyard).
  • Shiga is one of the few authors in the library who cook regularly (varying from various dishes to desserts like birthday cakes), and he's got a reputation as Musha and Takiji's personal cook (see Takiji's special birthday recollection).
  • His library quote during summer hints that he's curious about eating insects, which irl Shiga also had done based on his friend Fukuda Randou's claim (he's further explained that Shiga preferred adult insects over larva, as they have nice texture and he had picked some fresh from trees, eating them alive). This had led fans to often joke how he eats bugs and has weird addiction towards his bike.
  • In the Mad Banquet series events, Shiga's doppelgänger played the role of the mansion's owner where the banquet took place, being a vampire who doesn't drink blood. In Blood Oath Mad Banquet it was revealed that the reason why he didn't drink blood was to sympathize with his friend Arishima Takeo's doppelgänger, a bat count, who also didn't drink blood (the reason for that is yet to be explained). Shiga's doppelgänger started providing him wine as blood replacement and he got into drinking it himself too.

Mori Ougai

Mori Ougai icon.png

Mori Ougai/Fandom Trivia

Kawabata Yasunari

Kawabata Yasunari icon.png

Kawabata Yasunari/Fandom Trivia

Kitahara Hakushuu

Kitahara Hakushuu icon.png

Kitahara Hakushuu/Fandom Trivia

Muroo Saisei

Muroo Saisei icon.png

Muroo Saisei/Fandom Trivia

Kajii Motojirou

Kajii Motojirou icon.png

Kajii Motojirou/Fandom Trivia

Hirotsu Kazuo

Hirotsu Kazuo icon.png

Hirotsu Kazuo/Fandom Trivia

Mushanokouji Saneatsu

Mushanokouji Saneatsu icon.png

Mushanokouji Saneatsu/Fandom Trivia

Ozaki Kouyou

Ozaki Kouyou icon.png

Ozaki Kouyou/Fandom Trivia

Sakaguchi Ango

Sakaguchi Ango icon.png

Sakaguchi Ango/Fandom Trivia

Edogawa Ranpo

Edogawa Ranpo icon.png

Edogawa Ranpo/Fandom Trivia

Tsubouchi Shouyou

Tsubouchi Shouyou icon.png

Tsubouchi Shouyou/Fandom Trivia

Futabatei Shimei

Futabatei Shimei icon.png

Futabatei Shimei/Fandom Trivia

Arishima Takeo

Arishima Takeo icon.png

Arishima Takeo/Fandom Trivia

Satou Haruo

Satou Haruo icon.png

Satou Haruo/Fandom Trivia

Kobayashi Takiji

Kobayashi Takiji icon.png

Kobayashi Takiji/Fandom Trivia

Ibuse Masuji

Ibuse Masuji icon.png

Ibuse Masuji/Fandom Trivia

Yokomitsu Riichi

Yokomitsu Riichi icon.png

Yokomitsu Riichi/Fandom Trivia

Oda Sakunosuke

Oda Sakunosuke icon.png

Oda Sakunosuke/Fandom Trivia

Hori Tatsuo

Hori Tatsuo icon.png

Hori Tatsuo/Fandom Trivia

Nakajima Atsushi

Nakajima Atsushi icon.png

Nakajima Atsushi/Fandom Trivia

Koizumi Yakumo

Koizumi Yakumo icon.png

Koizumi Yakumo/Fandom Trivia

Masaoka Shiki

Masaoka Shiki icon.png

Masaoka Shiki/Fandom Trivia

Takamura Koutarou

Takamura Koutarou icon.png

Takamura Koutarou/Fandom Trivia

Ishikawa Takuboku

Ishikawa Takuboku icon.png

Ishikawa Takuboku/Fandom Trivia

Kunikida Doppo

Kunikida Doppo icon.png

Kunikida Doppo/Fandom Trivia

Kouda Rohan

Kouda Rohan icon.png

Kouda Rohan/Fandom Trivia

Matsuoka Yuzuru

Matsuoka Yuzuru icon.png

Matsuoka Yuzuru/Fandom Trivia

Yoshikawa Eiji

Yoshikawa Eiji icon.png

Yoshikawa Eiji/Fandom Trivia

Yamamoto Yuuzou

Yamamoto Yuuzou icon.png

Yamamoto Yuuzou/Fandom Trivia

Kume Masao

Kume Masao icon.png

Kume Masao/Fandom Trivia

Tokunaga Sunao

Tokunaga Sunao icon.png

Tokunaga Sunao/Fandom Trivia

Nakano Shigeharu

Nakano Shigeharu icon.png

Nakano Shigeharu/Fandom Trivia

Iwano Houmei

Iwano Houmei icon.png

Iwano Houmei/Fandom Trivia

Masamune Hakuchou

Masamune Hakuchou icon.png

Masamune Hakuchou/Fandom Trivia

Tokutomi Roka

Tokutomi Roka icon.png

Tokutomi Roka/Fandom Trivia

Naoki Sanjuugo

Naoki Sanjuugo icon.png

Naoki Sanjuugo/Fandom Trivia

Yumeno Kyuusaku

Yumeno Kyuusaku icon.png

Yumeno Kyuusaku/Fandom Trivia

Nakazato Kaizan

Nakazato Kaizan icon.png

Nakazato Kaizan/Fandom Trivia

Kikuchi Kan

Kikuchi Kan icon.png

Kikuchi Kan/Fandom Trivia

Itou Sachio

Itou Sachio icon.png

Itou Sachio/Fandom Trivia

Miki Rofuu

Miki Rofuu icon.png

Miki Rofuu/Fandom Trivia

Miyoshi Tatsuji

Miyoshi Tatsuji icon.png

Miyoshi Tatsuji/Fandom Trivia

Niimi Nankichi

Niimi Nankichi icon.png

Niimi Nankichi/Fandom Trivia

Ogawa Bimei

Ogawa Bimei icon.png

Ogawa Bimei/Fandom Trivia

Yoshii Isamu

Yoshii Isamu icon.png

Yoshii Isamu/Fandom Trivia

Yamada Bimyou

Yamada Bimyou icon.png

Yamada Bimyou/Fandom Trivia

Suzuki Miekichi

Suzuki Miekichi icon.png

Suzuki Miekichi/Fandom Trivia

Saitou Mokichi

Saitou Mokichi icon.png

Saitou Mokichi/Fandom Trivia

Kusano Shinpei

Kusano Shinpei icon.png
  • He plays shogi with Hagiwara Sakutarou, as seen in his special summoning line and letters.
  • He's talented at both fishing and cooking the fish he catches, as noted by Ibuse Masuji in both his special summoning line and his birthday recollection.
  • Shinpei also has a habit of naming food he makes and speaking with a lot of onomatopoeias.
  • He and Dan Kazuo own an Izakaya together, as seen here
  • Gyawazu can change his facial expression. This was noted by Nakahara Chuuya, but no explanation was given by Shinpei.
  • While drunk, he likes to tease Chuuya about his height.
  • He offered some of his Shinpei Gayu to Dan when he felt ill, giving the recipe in their recollection. This recipe is actually one by the real Kusano Shinpei, that was transcribed by the real Dan Kazuo in his cookbook.
  • Shinpei is physically capable of fighting Dan, or at least subduing him.
  • Shinpei has survivalist insticts, and got mad at Ango when he said he wasn't fond of sea cucumber, insisting that you need to do what you can to survive in Wakayama Bokusui's birthday recollection.
  • While he doesn't exactly like frogs, despite his reputation as the frog poet, he likes his hand puppet Gyawazu.
  • He made Kawabata laugh.
  • His large, heavy bag contains items for sale, used books, snacks, an expedition kit, and various stones that he finds pretty, along with other things.

Satomi Ton

Satomi Ton icon.png

Satomi Ton/Fandom Trivia

Shimada Seijirou

Shimada Seijirou icon.png

Shimada Seijirou/Fandom Trivia

Dan Kazuo

Dan Kazuo icon.png

Dan Kazuo/Fandom Trivia

Takahama Kyoshi

Takahama Kyoshi icon.png

Takahama Kyoshi/Fandom Trivia

Kawahigashi Hekigotou

Kawahigashi Hekigotou icon.png

Kawahigashi Hekigotou/Fandom Trivia

Tokuda Shuusei

Tokuda Shuusei icon.png

Tokuda Shuusei/Fandom Trivia

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy icon.png

Leo Tolstoy/Fandom Trivia

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky icon.png

Fyodor Dostoevsky/Fandom Trivia

F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald icon.png

F. Scott Fitzgerald/Fandom Trivia

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe icon.png

Edgar Allan Poe/Fandom Trivia

H. P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft icon.png

H. P. Lovecraft/Fandom Trivia

Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle icon.png

Conan Doyle/Fandom Trivia

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll icon.png

Lewis Carroll/Fandom Trivia