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Equipment (装備), is a place where you can manage your writers and their various equipment like Memoria Cards or Rings.

The Equipment page consists of four different tabs on the right side of the screen, in the following order:


In this section you can view all your currently owned outfits, strengthen them and so on.

List of possessed outfits

Click or tap your outfit of choice to see its statistics.

Equipment outfits 02.png

If you wish to level up the outfit, press the arrow buttons desired amount or "MAX" button. To confirm the action, press the round Level Up (強化) button. This will consume certain amount of Alchemy Thread (錬金糸) Thread icon.png; material used to level up outfits. This material is available from Research missions, events and campaigns. Your current possessed amount of Alchemy Thread is displayed next to text 所持数 (amount possessed).

Outfit strengthening may be also performed in Formation.

When you have reached the outfit's current maximum level, you may uncap its level from button Consume (消費), which consumes ink and a duplicate of the outfit. This action raises the outfit's rarity by one star.

Raising outfit's rarity/unlocking the levelcap requires a duplicate of the outfit and ink Ink icon.png. Maximum rarity of an outfit depends on the initial rarity:

  • 1 star outfit's max rarity is 3 stars.
  • 2 star outfit's max rarity is 4 stars.
  • 3 star outfit's max rarity is 5 stars.

If an outfit has reached its maximum rarity and level, all additional duplicates acquired may be used up to raise the outfit's Attack and Defense stats by 4-8 points per each duplicate. The stats raise depends on the initial rarity of the outfit. Currently there doesn't seem to be any maximum how many times this can be done.

※Please do note that outfit level and writer level are two completely different things!

The outfits can also be sorted or filtered by different categories.

Outfit sorting.png

The filter/sorting settings will remain the way you set the game to display your outfits. Please do remember this in case you don't see some outfits; you might have a filter on in case you have used the function.


In this section you are listed all the writers you have. You can see different info and stats of them, equip Rings or perform Blossoming on them to make them stronger.

Equipment writers.png

Select a writer of your choice to see their profile. There are listed the following stats, from top left to bottom right in order:

  • Writer Level (文豪Lv) = Your writer's level. Current max level of writers is 60.
  • Weapon Type (武器類) = This is either Blade Blade icon.png, Bow Bow icon.png, Gun Gun icon.png or Whip Whip icon.png. Equipping a Weapon Ring changes the weapon type.
  • State of Mind (精神) = The more unstable your writer is, the easier he will weaken or break down by Taints' attacks. However, unstable writers fill their Epiphany Gauge faster than stable writers, which allows them to perform Dual Attacks more often. More of this can be read on Glossary and Combat Mechanism pages.
  • Stats which determine writer's overall stats:
    • Technique (技術) = Increases ATK/DEF/EVA (all weapon types)
    • Talent (天才) = Increases ATK/DEF (all weapon types)
    • Aesthetics (美) = Increases ATK (Bows), or ATK/DEF/EVA (Blade/Gun/Whip)
    • Theme (主題) = Increases ATK (all weapon types)
    • Realism (真実) = Increases DEF (Blade/Gun/Whip), or ATK/DEF/EVA (Bow)

To equip a ring (either a Weapon Ring or Awakening Ring), click/tap the empty slot Equip Ring (指環変更) below stats. More info of rings can be found here.

To Blossom (開花) your writer, you can do that by pressing the yellow button Writer's Path (文豪ノ途). This will take you to a page where you can consume various souls and gears to make your writer even stronger. More info can be found on Blossoming page.

※Please do note that writer level is its own thing and has nothing to do with outfit levels. To be able to Blossom the writer beyond certain points, the writer's level must meet the level requirements.

Memoria Cards

Here you can view all your possessed Memoria Cards, lock, strengthen or dismantle them. You can also access Exchange Counter (交換所) here, where you can spend Spark Essence (思念素) to exchange various cards and outfits which are otherwise available through memoria gacha.

Memoria Card Inventory.png

The basic function of memoria cards is to boost your writers' delve performance, and in later Tainted Books they are important equipment for your teams to be able to pass through some books.

Further info of memoria cards, how to strengthen memoria or dismantle them can be found from here.


The rings in your possession are displayed here. By selecting a ring, you can see its statistics and perfom level uncapping.

Ring collection.png

All your rings are also displayed in Office, under Ring Register (指環図鑑) button where you may also view the description ("memories") and letter (only for the Weapon Rings) that unlock through leveling up the rings. More info of rings can be read here.