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We welcome contributors to help build the Bungo to Alchemist (for english-speaking players) game community. If you are an avid player of this DMM game and would like to help us out, please check back often at this page to see what projects are available for potential contributors to take on.


  • Uploaders of Writer's profile materials: this includes pictures for the gallery, voice files and quotes (please check with the wikia staff if they already have the materials you own)
  • Japanese-English Translators (As we intend to ensure high quality content in this wikia, please contact Chocofied directly with samples of your previous translations if you are adept in the Japanese language and have done extensive translations previously for other Japanese-based games or translated manga)
  • Check the Special:Community page for a more specific list of how you can contribute.

Editing and Uploading Guidelines

  1. Please use the classic editor, especially for pages that already are heavy in content, to prevent breaking the pages.
  2. You are encouraged to add summaries of your edits.
  3. It's preferred that you upload images/audio directly from the links from the Gallery/Quotes pages. Follow the templates for uniformity.
  4. Make sure to read the available guides related to your type of contribution
    1. General Naming Conventions
    2. Memoria Card Pages
    3. Recollection Upload Guide
    4. Voice File Guide
    5. Writer Profile Setup
    6. General Tips on Editing Pages