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A big game update will take place on July 28th. All this info is based on what there was provided during a livestream held by the game staff, and what in the game there is also stated so far of this update.

Further changes or additions are possible!

Details of the update provided on May 27th

According to June 11th additional info, small edits were made to item conversions.

  • Dining Hall (食堂) along with Food (食糧), one of the main resources used in the game, will be removed
    • Hunger (満腹度) and Fatigue (疲労度) will be eliminated with the removal of the food resource and Dining Hall
    • Each 2 increments of food will be converted to 1 ink upon the update (for example: 10 food > 5 ink)
    • All unused Chinese Herbal Medicine (漢方薬), which were bought from the in-game Shop, will be converted to 300 Imperial Tickets

  • Repairs (補修), also familiarly known as “hospital” or “infirmary” among the English-speaking fans, will be removed
    • Writers can’t be lost anymore due to their HP reaching 0. As in, Final Words (絶筆) feature will be eliminated
    • After each delve, all writers will be auto-healed to full health
    • Each possessed Philosopher’s Stones (賢者ノ石) will be converted to 500 Imperial Tickets
    • Each bought bed slot in Repairs will be compensated with 1000 Imperial Tickets each

  • Formation (結成) will go through some changes
    • Memoria Cards (装像) will become team-specific rather than writer-specific equipment
    • In Formation, writers can be dressed up in alternate outfits to enhance their stats
      • All outfits will have stats similar to Memoria Cards (Attack, Defense, Evasion)
      • The outfits can be leveled up using new resource 錬金糸 (renkin ito, Alchemy Thread?) to strengthen them. The outfits will also have level cap, which can be unlocked with ink
      • The outfits in Memoria will get notable rate boost, thus be accessible easier to all players
    • Alternate outfits and Memoria Cards will get elemental attributes fire (火), earth (土), water (水), air (風) (the four basic elements of alchemy), which will help defeating different types of Taints

※ It's currently unclear whether the writers will actually appear wearing the alternate outfits while delving, or if they will be treated like Memoria Cards.

  • Book Delves (潜書) / Tainted Books (有碍書) go through changes
    • Writers can continue delving despite Weakened (耗弱) or Breakdown (喪失) status during the delve
      • However, writers can reach 0 HP without actually dying (thanks to the removal of Final Words)
    • Routing will be removed, thus all delves will be successful as long as all Taints are defeated
      • If all writers in the team hit 0 HP, the delve will fail
    • Books that have been cleared once may be automatically delved into repeatedly. Books which haven’t been cleared manually at least once, must be still delved into manually

  • Ensouled Books (有魂書) will be removed
    • Writers will be available through Memoria and events as rewards (+ in Tainted Books upon successful delve)
    • Each bookshelf unlocked in Ensouled Book Delving screen will be compensated with 1000 Imperial Tickets
    • Bookmarks will be removed with the removal of the Ensouled Book Delving. All unused Bookmarks and other items bought from in-game Shop will be converted to Imperial Tickets of different amounts (300, 200, 100)
    • Other items will be converted to different ink amounts (150, 100, 50)

※ Details of how Writers can be acquired is still not final.

  • Ink (洋墨) as a resource will go through some notable changes
    • Ink will be used to uncap the level of alternate outfits
    • Ink can't be bought from the in-game Shop anymore
    • Ink can’t regenerate through time anymore (feature which was related to player level and possessed amount of ink)
    • Ink will be available the same ways as before the update: Letters, Research and from events as reward

  • Imperial Tickets (帝國券) will be implemented to the PC browser version of the game (previously mobile app version-specific paid currency)
    • Paid content, which previously could be bought only with DMMP (DMM points) on PC browser version, will be bought with Imperial Tickets after the update
      • The Imperial Tickets must be bought with DMMP (basically an extra step to buy paid content)
    • The Imperial Tickets will be platform-specific (Imperial Tickets bought on PC can’t be used on mobile app version, and vice versa)

Corrections provided on June 11th

The game staff corrected, and changed several item conversions. Additional changes or corrections are still possible.

  • All bought items, which were to be compensated with memoria stones, will be compensated with Imperial Tickets instead
    • For example, all bought bed slots in Repairs will be compensated with 1000 Imperial Tickets instead of 1000 memoria stones
  • The compensations for bought items will be platform-specific due to platform restrictions
    • For example, bed slots bought with DMM Points will be turned into 1000 Imperial Tickets that can be only used in the PC browser version of the game (vice versa, items bought on mobile app version will be converted to Imperial Tickets that can be only used on the mobile app version of the game)

June 28th preview

Bungou to Alchemist game staff revealed that they will give weekly previews and further details of the upcoming update. July 5th preview will be about Tainted Books (or Tainted Book Delve), meanwhile July 12th preview will be about other parts of the game that will change.

At some point before July 28th, there will be also another producer letter. Please do note that the screenshots are still from version under development and the final look might differ from what is shown.

This preview is about the upcoming changes to Formation (結成).

New Formation (結成) screen (picture 1)

  • Team amount has been changed from four to five
    • Team composition remains the same: max four writers per team (at least one writer in a team is a must)
  • Writers and their different outfits act as different units (see picture 3)
    • Despite the alternate outfits acting as different units of the writer, only one unit of the same writer can be in a team (for example, one can't have the basic version of Tokuda Shuusei and one of his alternate outfits in the team at the same time)
  • Each outfit has their own level, element and rarity (see picture 1 & 3)
  • Each team has two slots for Memoria Cards (装像), which will affect whole team (currently they are writer-specific equipment) (see picture 1)

Writer select in Formation screen (picture 2)

Outfit select after choosing a writer in Formation screen (picture 3)

  • Writer select screen displays more writers per page than previously (see picture 2)
    • Ring can be equipped or removed in this screen (empty slot with text 指環変更 in picture 2)
  • After selecting a writer, you choose a version (outfit) of the writer you want to add to the team (see picture 3)
  • Oufits can be strengthened in the outfit change screen (see picture 3)
    • The outfit strengthening requires new material Alchemy Thread (錬金糸, renkin ito)

July 5th preview

Part 2 of the weekly preview before the actual update.

This preview is about the upcoming changes to Tainted Books (有碍書).

Tainted Book Delve selection screen (picture 1)

  • The featured books and overall visual layout of the Tainted Book Delve screen will go through some changes (see picture 1)
    • Renewed I-SERIES will feature the following books:
  • Writers can be acquired from their own books upon successful delve (currently unknown if they will be random drops like so far, or if a writer can be acquired upon each delve)
    • It is still unknown whether writers who don't have books in the Tainted Books list, but are currently available in the permanent summoning pool in Ensouled Book Delve, will they get books and thus continue be available or not
  • As it was revealed already on May 27th, upon clearing a book for the first time, auto-delve will become available for the book. With this feature player can send a team to delve into the book and come back later (after certain amount of time) to receive the rewards from the delve

A team of writers facing one (assumedly) water element and two fire element Taints (picture 2)

  • Taints will have elemental attributes like the writers and their equipment (see picture 2)
  • The elements have been revealed to have the following attributes: water (水) is strong against fire (火), fire is strong against air (風), air is strong against earth (土) and earth is strong against water

July 12th preview

Part 3 of the weekly preview before the actual update.

This preview is about the Outfits (衣装) and other things which will get added or go through changes with the update. Several questions regarding some content, which will be removed, also were answered.

Screen for leveling up and uncapping an outfit in new section "Equipment" (picture 1)

  • Like explained in June 28th preview, alternate outfits will act as separate units from the writers' basic versions
    • Outfits will all have their own level and rarity
    • The rarity of an outfit is between 1* and 3* when acquired
      • The rarity can be raised by consuming ink and duplicate of the outfit
    • Writers will need to delve to books to gain exp, while outfits can be leveled up only with the new material Alchemy Thread (錬金糸)
  • About the Rings (指環)
    • Durability (耐久度) of rings will be removed. This means that players do not need to use up ink anymore to be able to keep using rings
    • Duplicates of rings upon acquiring will be turned automatically into Spark Essence (思念素, shinenso), a material that has been and will continue to be used to exchange memoria items in Memoria Exchange Counter
      • Currently possessed duplicates of rings (each duplicate adds 30 to the basic 30 durability) will be turned into 50 Spark Essence each. For example if a ring's durability is 180, after the initial ring player has gained 5 duplicates and will get 50 for each duplicate, resulting in 250 Spark Essence
  • About the Library (図書館)
    • Players will be able to go directly to Strolls (散策) from the library, without need to go through Office first
    • New section Equipment (装備) will be added, where players can manage their writers, outfits, memoria cards and rings (see picture 1)

Screen for the new feature 有装書, successor of Ensouled Book Delve (picture 2)

  • New feature 有装書 (yuusousho?, Equipment Book?)
    • Similar to Ensouled Book Delve (有魂書), this feature lets players acquire outfits and memoria cards by sending writers to delve into books. This consumes items by the same name (like Ensouled Book Delving requires Ensouled Books)(see picture 2)

Questions & Answers

As part of the preview 3, Game staff answered several questions that they've been receiving from the players.

Will the current level of my writers carry over?

  • The level of writers will carry over the update. Leveling up writers will also continue to happen through delving into tainted books.

Will I be able to hear somewhere the voice lines that could be heard when the writers were injured?

  • Some of the lines will be available in Register (図鑑).

Can I watch Birthday Recollections and Dining Hall Recollections even after the update?

  • Birthday Recollections will be provided through the Limited-time Recollections (限定回想) button in Library, which has been secondary way to unlock them so far when a writer has birthday. Dining Hall Recollections will be available in Recollections Register as usual, and recollections which hadn't been unlocked before the removal of Dining Hall, can be unlocked by spending items (coins?)

July 26th final rundown

The maintenance has been scheduled to be 10 hours long, taking place on July 28th between 7:00 and 17:00 JST. The game staff also defined more certain parts of the update:

  • As Delves will become more simple and features Advance (進行) and Retreat (撤退) will be terminated, delving will consist of three waves. Each wave has taints, that all must be defeated to be able to advance to next wave. Any undefeated taint during a wave means fail of the delve.
    • Delves won't have item nodes or give item drops from taints anymore.
    • Upon clearing a book for the first time, player will receive a duplicate of the book's writer's regular outfit, that can be used to increase the rarity of the outfit.
  • Item Elixir of Pursuit (探求ノ霊薬) will go through changes:
    • Before the update: 2x drop rate for Souls for 10 delves (usable for any book).
    • After the update: 2x drop rate for Alchemy Thread and writer Blossoming items for 10 delves (usable only for event books and Sealed Books).
    • Different kind of Souls and Gears (Soul Gear/Memory Gear) will be available through Auto-Delve (自動潜書), once player has unlocked that for a book by clearing the book once by manually.
  • Regarding outfits of writers who player do not have yet in their library:
    • Regardless the transmigration status of writers before the update, writer whose one or more outfits player has acquired without actually having the writer himself, will be "transmigrated" after the update. They will be treated like regularly transmigrated writers before the update; they can be seen in Strolls, you can set them as assistants, receive their Letters, and delve into books by adding them to your team.
  • Research missions that are currently giving food as reward will be renewed, and the missions related to Dining Hall or Repairs will be removed.
  • The button Notifications (通知) on top of the screen will be removed (lists finished repairs and transmigrations, as well as daily and weekly reset times).
  • As it was stated in initial plan, the automatic regeneration of resources related to player level will be removed. With this, also the maximum amount of resources will become limitless.
  • Exchange Counter (交換所) in Memoria Laboratory will have some already implemented 3* rarity memoria cards available for exchange.
  • Battle Records (戦績) in Office will go through slight UI changes:
    • Resources Regeneration Cap (資材保有最大値), Available Beds and Shelves (使用可能設備), Number of Writers Obtained (文豪収集数) will be removed.
    • New section Amount of Possessed Resources (資材保有量) indicating ink amount will be added.
  • As stated earlier, Memoria Cards (装像) will go through stat changes with the renewed battle system:
    • All cards will have an element (fire/water/air/earth), weapon type (blade/gun/whip/bow), and attribute attack or defense.
    • By matching card's weapon type and element with the writers, the memoria's effect will be greater.
  • Writers (文豪) and Rings (指環) will be leveled up the same way as before the update.
    • However, due to the big system changes and adjustments, the stats of writers and rings might differ before and after the update.
  • Strolls (散策) will have the writers' Trust Level (信頼度) be increased from 200 to 400.
    • With this, players will be able to acquire overall 3 times the writers' casual outfit to increase the rarity of the outfit.
  • Blossoming (開花) will get more nodes.
    • With this, players will be able to acquire overall 3 times the writers' blossoming outfit (traditional outfit or western outfit depending on writer) to increase the rarity of the outfit.